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Oct 14, 2008 10:22 AM

Dakota Club MSP

Aloha!! What can any of you tell me about the restaurant in this club. It is possible that I will
be having my birthday there next month. Looking forward to your fair cities! A hui hou and
thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Manomin-- welcome to msp

    imo the dakota club's food is fine if you are seeing a wonderful show there, great music makes everything taste fantastic. i would absolutely *not* pick it as a dinner destination if i wasn't also interested in the music at the club-- it's a bit overpriced for what it is (upscale jazz venue overhead), and the menu can tend to be a bit tame and safe. the execution & value is imho better at many other local restaurants, again, it's all out the window if you're seeing ornette coleman, obviously...

    if you have something specific you're looking for please ask!

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      I totally agree with soupkitten on this one. However, there's nothing to fear as far as having BAD food there if you're seeing a show. In my experience, the bar menu is the way to go. I particularly like the trio of smoked fish as a small plate and, if i recall correctly, the fries with bearnaise are good. The dinner menu is fine, although I think the price to execution ratio is a little high. I will say that I have been pleased with a few of the specials that I've had.

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        I agree. I think it's a great location for music, but the food is average. The last time I had lunch there the service was so terrible that I doubt I wouldn't go back for anything other than a show.

      2. I was there less then a month ago and my dinner was outstanding. I ordered the halibut and my spouse ordered the bison. The chef does most of his cooking with local ingredients and I'm always interested in that as a dining option.
        The night we were the their we didn't watch the show but we could listen in the dining room-the band was playing great Cuban/Latin music and they were pretty good!

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        1. re: colliecookhuh

          Thanks for all of your comments! I sure appreciate them! We are still going to go and have
          dinner and sit in the mezzanine, I'm thinking it will be fun and delicious. The chef from what
          I've read does lots of fresh/seasonal food which is always a positive. I just think it sweet
          of my in-laws to figure something out - usually it's "whatever, we don't care, anywhere is
          fine." We are also going to 112 Eatery, Meritage, Alma, W.A. Frost and probably others
          as well. My MIL hates to cook I'm trying to think of a way to steal her never used set of
          All-Clad without her knowing! Thanks again everyone for your comments! It will be different
          having a birthday (11/13) in MN and not IL or here at home in HI.