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Oct 14, 2008 10:22 AM

Help! I'm a nice Italian girl living in Florida

I am looking for anyone who knows a bakery who will take pity on me and ship me some Lard Bread. I don't care whether it's from Manahattan or Brooklyn .

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  1. I send something from here every Christmas to my cousins in Tampa. Great stuff when you buy at the store. Just hope that it ships well. They have an entire shipping department.

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    1. re: psnative

      They make great pizza too. We know that won't ship well.

    2. As a New Yorker and former Miami girl, have you tried Laurenzo's market in North Miami Beach? I know they have a bakery, and lots of great Italian food products.

      There is also, a very good little place called:
      Mimi's Ravioli
      18681 West Dixie Highway
      Miami FL 33180

      They used to have great gluten rolls and other bread stuff and fresh mozzarella, give them a call and see if they have it.
      Other than that, if you totally come up with nothing in Florida, then I would go to NY, but bread doesn't really travel too well, and I would be very surprised if you couldn't find it there at least.

      If you end up with nothing, try Madonia in the Bronx, arthur avenue, very good stuff.

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        I'd have to agree with janie on this. Unless you can have it shipped unbaked and frozen and bake it yourself, bread doesn't really ship well. The trick is to seek out some transplanted NYC'ers who have opened a bakery close to your area. We did that when we were spending a lot of time in Sarasota and finally found some decent Italian food. Unless you're in a very rural area, Ii you do some reesearch/ask around, you'll find what you're looking for closer to home

      2. psnative-Went to the website and thank you so much!..Funny thing is, I used to work on 86th street when I was in college many,many,many years ago! Live not far at all from there.

        1. Dear Brooklyn Girl,
          You definitely want to get your lard bread at Addeo and Sons and that's that.
          They're on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. There must be someone in your area who will be your carrier. Everytime I'm in there some woman is identifying herself as "from the South" and up in the Bronx just for food!!!!!! Good luck.
          Oh, they make it once a week, I think.

          1. Living far from NY, I had mentioned elsewhere of a place in Port St. Lucie, FL near where I once visited, where I got an equivalent of lard bread which was sausage bread, nearly double what lard bread costs, but I was desperate. Being a packratter, I saved their card and now located a link: