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Oct 14, 2008 09:42 AM

Four Sisters - New location

Hi All

Ate at the new location of the Four Sisters last night. 7 of us had dinner, service was good if not a bit too fast, did not have any Miller Lite ( I know, I know), no liquor yet either.

Nice modern clean. I kind of miss the Eden Center atmosphere.

Here is what we had pretty tame choices as some of my friends are a bit timid.

Spring Rolls – extremely well executed. Crispy but no grease. However the dipping sauce could have been better. A bit bland.

Fresh Rolls – very nice. Peanut sauce good but not exceptional.

5 entrees

Bass in a black bean sauce. Highlight. Just superb.

Pork in clay pot. So so

Crispy egg noodles with brown sauce. Good who doesn’t like noodles but very pedestrian.

Grilled beef and grilled chicken. Good but great.

I would have been a bit more adventurous if I had been on my own. Seems like they have dumbed the food down a bit.

Back to the Eden Center

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  1. Had lunch at Four sisters last Friday. The baby clams with rice cracker was terrific, probably because it's mostly pork! If you ever had this dish anywhere, you know those canned baby clams are like rubber pellets. So they smartly loaded the dish up with fatty chunks of tender well seasoned pork. It's better than the version at Rice Paper, Nha Trang, and Present.

    The other two dishes we had were caramelized fish and shaky beef. The fish was okay - typical oversweet overcooked fish. The shaky beef though were very tender and had nice flavor.

    If I want Vietnamese, I tend to go to Eden Center. Only went to Mosaic last week to see if Gypsy Soul had opened.