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Oct 14, 2008 09:35 AM

Drinks near the Blue Room

Hi. I am going to be back in your wonderful city this week and although I'm pretty set on my eating agenda I would love your input on a place to have cocktails before our dinner at the Blue Room on Saturday night. We don't have any restrictions and we have learned to leave our beautiful preschooler home with the in-laws after the horrendous incident at at the Eastern Standard that left us speechless.

Nonetheless, as always, thank you!!

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  1. Hungry Mother, right around the corner, makes excellent drinks in a cozy environment. Blue Room has a nice bar, too, altho it sounds like you're seeking a different venue.

    1. B-Side isn't too far away from Blue Room.

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      1. re: gini

        I second the B-Side, especially since they'll be closing soon. I think their cocktails are second only to No. 9 Park's (haven't been to Drink yet). Why not give a toast to the place that started the cocktail revolution in Boston?

      2. Reggie makes great drinks at the Blue Room!

        1. Drinks at the bar at the Blue Room are a treat. We love eating at the bar there, too.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            We usually sit on the back side of the bar where it's less hectic and quieter.

          2. What about cuci cuci? Right in the neighborhood too.