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My oven is broken

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Its so old they don't make the part anymore.I am having Thanksgiving at my house so I thought I would BBQ the Turkey.Have no idea. How long? Would appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. I am not sure of timing but one Thanksgiving I smoked (BBQ'd) a turkey breast and it took several hours; basically, so long as you use the indirect cooking method, keep temperature between 225-275, it should come out great; of course you will need an instant read thermometer to check for internal temp and doneness; I would think that you could do a medium size turkey (8-12 lbs.) in about 4-5 hours but better to start early so you make sure that it's done and then you can always keep it fairly warm on the counter wrapped in foil. Good Luck!

      1. Have you considered a deep fry turkey? We have for the last few years, sooo delish and moist, can't go back to over turkey. It's quick too.

        1. I was given and "turkey cannon" as a gift along with a smaller version for chicken, I've used both and truthfully, it's the best way to cook either bird. Good luck.


          1. I use my gas grill as an oven all the time since it's so hot here in summer. I roast chickens just as I would in the oven. Actually, I haven't done a chicken in the oven in ages so I'm not even sure it would work as well. I like the higher heat of the grill. My chickens always come out perfectly done and juicy with golden crispy skin.

            As long as you can regulate the temperature fairly well, just keep a close eye on it and roast as you would in the oven on a rack in a roasting pan. I have a large v-rack that I use for chicken. A smaller turkey fits in it also.

            1. If I do a turkey I always do it in my gas grill. I brine using Sunset magazines recipe and instructions. I can't seem to fine a link but they always have very good instructions for cooking the turkey in a charcoal or gas grill in their Nov. issues.

              I found the link http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/rec...

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                I smoke turkey on a Weber using indirect heat, a mix of charcoal and hickory chunks. Rub the bird inside and out with a good spice mix and salt. Lightly stuff the cavity with a mix of onions,carrots,celery and garlic. You can use trimmings and peels. As the bird cooks, the vegetables will release a steam to flavor the turkey from the inside and keep the bird moist.. You can also use oranges. Just keep the heat low and slow, check it every hour or so to add more charcoal and hickory. It will probably take 4-5 hours to reach the correct internal temperature but it's well worth the effort. Also, save the wing tips,skin, and bones to make an incredible stock. Hope this is a help.

              2. I'm sorry, I don't have a recipe for you, but I do have some encouragement.

                Every year, at our Thanksgiving, we had two turkeys. My mom's was oven-baked, her best friend's husband cooked theirs on the Weber charcoal grill. My mom is a much better cook than her friend, but their turkey kicked our turkey's ass every year.

                I don't know what he did because all he ever told me was "12 pack Turkey." Open a beer, baste the turkey, drink a beer, baste the turkey, etc. All I know is it came out with a lovely red skin and a wonderful taste year after year!

                1. I do a 20 # bird in a Weber charcoal grill every year. This is how. Put the coals on either side. Weber's instructions for indirect cooking say start with 20 coals on each side and add eight coals to each side every hour. They make a rack that keeps them separated, or you can do what I did for years and separate them with a throw away foil roaster pan. In either case, I put a (another) foil pan in the bottom with some water in it to catch the juices. Then I put the bird in the middle of the grilling rack. With nothing under it. I use the dressing recipe from one of the Silver Palate cookbooks and stuff the bird. The legs might be over the coals, so after a while they need to be protected with a little foil. People seem to like it.