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Oct 14, 2008 09:10 AM

Mexican Restaurants in New Brunswick

Anyone explore the many Mexican (and local/regional) restaurants on Albany Street/Route 27 in New Brunswick? Any recommendations or cautions?

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  1. Not Mexican, but we've been frequenting La Fogata on George's Road. It's Peruvian, with excellent Peruvian-style chicken, Chaufa con Mariscos (Peruvian/Chinese Fried Rice with Shellfish), Yuca al Huancaina (Fried Yuca with Aji Amarillo Sauce), and other Peruvian favorites. Check out the specials on the blackboard, which have always been great for us. Have a Chicha (Peruvian Purple Corn Drink). Occasionally, they have homemade Alfajores for dessert (Shortcake cookies filled with Dulce de Leche).

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      And the beef heart! I've been stopping there for lunch lately and have been pretty pleased with everything.

    2. Just hit Rositas Taquieria on Sudan St. Very good tacos.