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Oct 14, 2008 09:07 AM

Almadina Supermarket, Raleigh

I've long been a patron of Almadina since I discovered that they carried quite the array of offal(testicles, kidneys, oxtails, liver, heart) from cows, chickens, goat and lamb.

I eventually got around to talking to one of the owners who explained to me that his beef and lamb come from auctions in North Carolilna and are then shipped to Chaudry Meats(halal processor) and then to him. His goats and lamb are hung in the walk-in(not frozen or pre-packaged), all of his beef is grass-fed and all of it is very affordable($4.99lb t-bones and ribeyes).

The house made sausages are also quite the bargain and are chock full of cinnamon and spice. All of the butchers are relatively friendly, but you need to know what you're looking for as this isn't whole foods. Did I mention they have brains?

This place is long overdue for some local attention and support. This is a real butcher shop that every community should have.

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  1. Where are they located? Do the carry a full array of other grocery items too?

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      1019 Method Rd on the corner of Western Blvd, and yes they have some fresh produce, and plenty of middle eastern sundries.

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        Thank you! The name was familiar, I just could not place it...