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Oct 14, 2008 08:58 AM

Manhattan Pre Theater

Hello everyone, We are coming into town with our adult kids Sat the 18th, we have tickets to see Gypsy and want a place to eat pre theater that is not too expensive. We are staying near ground zero, and saw a place called Giovani's Atrium on the internet. Anyone know this place? The kids like Italian, but also seafood and steak. We would appreciate any help you can give us. Thanks !!

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  1. I know its not near you,but you could take the E train up from Wall st,(actually the subway station is rector st) and take it to 53rd and 3rd--itll take 10 minutes.We ate at Montparnasseny last Sat night--they have a prix fixe dinner for $25 that was great, and not crowded--then took the train back to Bdwy to see the show.If your at Wallst, make sure to drop into St Pauls Chapel on Bdwy and Futlon --they have an incredibel heart wrenching 9/11 display--have fun

    1. I had a nice meal at Roberto Passon (Italian) last week, which is very close to the theater district. Prices are quite reasonable. I've not heard of the place you mention.

      Roberto Passon
      741 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019

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        i use werent really high on the Italian place you mentioned, you can check it fot italian in Wall st--heres the url--- check me on the subway--i know its E from 53rd,but it may be A from Wall st

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          Thanks to all for the advice. We will NOT be dining at the Atrium.....I am trying to get a reservation at Roberto Passon, thanks to MMRuth and others ! Also, will try to see St Pauls, thanks bobstripower. Blue Fin sounds great, we'll save that for another visit.

        2. There are several good, reasonably priced Italian restaurants in the theatre district - and I suggest you dine in that area since you won't have to worry about getting to the theatre once you've finished eating.

          In addition to Roberto Passon (which I like a lot - just ask for the price on specials, which can sometimes be surprisingly out of line with the rest of the menu), there's also Trattoria Trecolori (very warm, welcoming atmosphere) and Etcetera Etcetera. I don't think you can wrong with any of these choices.

          1. There are some good theater district recs here, and I would add Vice Versa. If you have difficulty getting a res on short notice, an alternative would be Crispo, on West 14 St., which is easily accessible by subway on your way to the theater. Do NOT go to Giovanni's Atrium. It is a palace of mediocrity that has been serving overpriced, uninteresting food to Wall Streeters for generations, it's only draw being that there are not many alternatives in the area. Also, I would not rely heavily on Menupages or Zagat for advice. CH is much more reliable.

            1. I always like to go to Blue Fin in Times Square for pre-theater. It has lots of good seafood and is not too pricey. John's Pizza is also fun for families and has some very good pizza. There is also Carmine's which is Italian and always very crowded, but is family style dining and you have to love garlic if you go here.