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Best Place For A Kosher Hot Dog

My cousin is coming in from Chicago and will only eat Kosher hot dogs. I would like to take her someplace but nothing comes to mind. Can anyone help?

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  1. Nathan's in LA! I really hope it's still there! My brother-in-law (also from Chicago) loved their hot dogs. The location in the Pico/Robertson area was strictly Glatt Kosher and run by a frum Persian family.

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      as I mentioned below, went out of business about a month ago, now it's a place called "Sunrise"

    2. Does it need to be an actual kosher restaurant or just a kosher dog? Last time I went to Nathan's I almost puked, sorry. In that hood however, Jeff's gourmet is pretty good. I believe both those places are entirely kosher. For a kosher dog in a non-kosher restaurant I love the Stand's kosher dog, it's all I ever get there. Lately I've been getting it Chicago style, and for a year I got it "Southern slaw" style. Both sooooooo good.

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        Nathan's is terrible, AND the one by me just went out of business. I will second Jeff's Sausage Factory on Pico. I eat there all the time and had my first Kosher dog Saturday (actually it's all strictly Kehila(?) Kosher) and it was the best hot dog ever. I got the Jumbo dog and it's split, then grilled and has the most amazing flavor. I had relish and mustard on it, but next time will prolly get it plain to taste the dog more. Jeff's also has great seasoned fries, sides and the friendliest service! (they also have cherry coke on the fountain!)

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          Costco: Hebrew national 1/4lb dog and a soda $1.50!

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            Costco was the 1at place I thought of as well.

            +free kraut if you ask!

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              But Jeff's isn't open on Saturdays.

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                Awww geez I forgot that. I live in the neighborhood and I'm *constantly* heading out to the market on Saturday's to do my grocery shopping, and am always "re" surprised to find it closed!

          2. As another poster mentioned Jeffs Gourmet Kosher Sausage - http://www.jeffsgourmet.com/ - I live in Chicago and these dogs rival Romanian Kosher Sausage, your cousin will know what I mean - it is phenomenal!

            Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausage
            8930 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

            1. Marty D's in Beverly Hills maybe? Never tried them myself, but they seemed to get okay reviews on CH from what I remember.

              1. Does he only eat Kosher hot dogs because she has to or because she likes them?

                If she likes a Chicago dog you should take him to Portillo's in Buena Park....they even import the poppy seed buns from Chicago.


                MENU http://www.portillos.com/pdf/PMenuCA1...

                1. 1. Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory, for all the reasons already posted above by others. Plus, along with their standard hot dogs, let's not forget the large variety of unique glatt kosher sausages available at Jeff's that the OP and his cousin may want to try.

                  2. Pico Deli (located on the south side of Pico just a few stores west of Robertson). Terrific glatt kosher hot dogs, not to mention their greasy but hard-to-resist franks in blankets. Some Chowhounds may remember that a few years ago one of the free weeklies (either L.A. Weekly or the now-defunct New Times, I can't remember which) ranked Pico Deli as the overall #1 deli in all of Los Angeles. FWIW, I think their $6.50 grilled pastrami burger combo is one of the best deals (and -kept secrets) in town.

                  3. The glatt kosher hot dog stand at The Grove (located right in front of The Gap), which I believe is called All-American Hot Dogs. They're quite overpriced for a stand, but the dogs are surprisingly good and the OP may be killing two birds with one stone since The Grove has become one of L.A.'s premier tourist attractions.

                  1. Jeff's Sausage Factory on Pico. Only downside is that it can get crowded at lunchtime.

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                      agree with jeff's as stated above. the merguez sausage is delicious. although i'm sure i will be laughed of the board, i really like junior's grilled dog. probably just a grilled hebrew national dog, but with cheese, onions and a little slaw and brown mustard it's great - although no longer "kosher."

                    2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I believe one of these will fill the bill.

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                        Don't forget about The Stand - Monday nights - They DO have kosher dogs!