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Oct 14, 2008 08:53 AM

supermarket picks

After reading recent posts about the Lidl lasagne and the Waitrose crisps, just wondered what other supermarket must-haves (or guilty secrets) fellow Chounders recommend. I'm a big fan of the M&S ricotta and lemon cheesecake myself and on a recent trip to Aldi enjoyed its brie with peppercorns.

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  1. I love Waitrose Black treacle bacon and Marks and Spencer fresh fruit juices - esp the pure Blueberry.

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      I fully agree with you on the Waitrose Black Treacle Bacon - its absolutely fantastic!!! I also have to admit to having turned my back on Heinz Beans (or Beanz as they now insist on calling them) and buying Waitrose own brand instead as they seem to be less watered down. Other fave meat products include Porkinson Bangers.
      I'm battling with an addiction to Asda Jalapeno Houmous at the moment - its really spicy and tasty!
      And if we're talking about M&S my addiction to Percy Pigs continues!

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        We bought some of the Waitrose black treacle bacon this weekend. Thanks for the tip. It really is very good... meatier than most streaky bacons. I will wow a visiting Yank cousin this week with all these good ideas.

      2. Great thread! Looking forward to reading other people's recs.

        Not all are supermarket branded, but my must-buys at the supermarket include Weetabix Crunchy Bran (have only found it centrally at the Bloomsbury Waitrose), Sainsburys Mature Canadian Cheddar, Cadbury's low-cal hot chocolate in Dark Chocolate and, to a lesser extent, Fudge (have only found it centrally at Morrison's Chalk Farm), Muller Light yogurts (especially cranberry-raspberry, orange, blackcurrant, limited edition lemon-passionfruit), M&S Count on Us rhubarb yogurt, and Waitrose rotisserie chicken Maple BBQ flavour - but best eaten right away.

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          I'm very fond of Lidl's German frankfurters and am a real fan of Sainsbury's Dark Belgian Chocolate bars. They melt in the mouth. Lately, I've been buying a round, Spanish tapas potato cake in Sainsbury's - easy to fry and delicious. I should add that the Waitrose Cucumber crisps were a bit disappointing... maybe I'll try the Worcestershire ones and like those better. Tesco makes a delicious marscapone macaroni and cheese but I've given that up because of the high calories! I'm addicted to Carr's new cheese nibbles crackers.

        2. Waitrose Lamb Shanks in redcurrant/rosemary etc. are lovely, as is their Mousaka. Ready meals are a rarity in our household, but these two are great, and not too pricey.

          That sounds really piggy, so I will now go and write out: "Before noon I will eat fruit only" 100 times.

          1. Ooh great thread! Definitely going to bookmark this one (and try that Waitrose bacon - Waitrose being my favourite supermarket so let's hear other picks from there).

            The Waitrose creme fraiche is good, as are their baguettes (Whole Foods had horrible baguettes). I've bought some of their stocks but have yet to use them so will report back.

            M&S rocky road icecream is a bit too good - I ate 3/4 of a tub in one sitting. Small marshmallows, gooey sauce and a yummy chocolate icecream.

            1. Every time I visit my sister in San Francisco, she insists that I bring her some Sainsburys Taste the Difference Caramel Chocolate Shortbread biscuits. We have taste-tested them against M&S and Starbucks, and surprisingly Sainsburys comes out on top.

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                Some other things i like.

                Sainbury's coleslaw
                Waitrose - Ginger honeycomb ice cream (although i think it's been discontinued) Greek feta salad sandwiches, Lavender lemon cupcakes, spicy plantain crips,
                Marks and Spencer - Crayfish mango