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Oct 14, 2008 07:59 AM

Better than bouillon?

I can't find my favorite store bought chicken broth/stock lately. (kitchen basics) I found a container of Better than Bouillon soup base/stock./broth. It's a yellow paste, completely different than the little cubes. I used it to up the flaovr of chicken noodle soup this weekend. I'm actually impressed. Of course nothing beats homemade, but in a pinch, it worked great. Anybody else use it and like it?

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  1. use it all the time - no comparison to those salty boullion cubes. I like the chicken flavor the best (they use turmeric for the yellow color) although I have used beef as well. I once found an organic version on the west coast but haven't found it here in the Midwest.
    Sure homemade is best but when you just need just a little enhancement; such as, flavoring a stir fry, boosting sauces, making rice pilaf, adding zip to soups,stews - it's great!

    1. I use it as well. The vegetable one is also useful for visiting vegetarians.

      1. This is a great product. I love my homemade soup, but this makes a great broth in a pinch, especially simmered with a bit of meat. I've used the whole range of their products...chicken, beef, lobster, and vegetable. All are great, whether used on their own or as a seasoning.

        1. I've used it for years, mostly the chicken or turkey, and generally only a tsp or so at a time, rather than when a large colume of broth is needed, in which case it would be pretty salty.

          I also really like what I think is a relatively new Trader Joe's product, beef and chicken base concentrates that come in a small box containing small packets like those for fast food restaurant ketchup. These seem less salty to me, and are very handy when small amounts of broth are called for. They are the thickness of ketchup.

          1. I agree with everyone that Better Than Bouillon is a decent product. I like the chicken and the mushroom, but the beef was very grainy and didn't dissolve so I threw it out. Maybe I just got a bad batch.

            Another one is More Than Gourmet.
            This line is more demi glace. I've not found them in my regular grocery store, but my local specialty shop carries them. I used the lamb to make gravy once, and I have several fruits de mer in the cupboard waiting to make a seafood soup. They're 3-4 oz containers about the size of a hockey puck that say will reconstitute to 1 quart for stock, otherwise use like demi glace. They're pricey but all the work is done!

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              I would guess you had a bad batch of the beef - I use both the chicken and beef versions regularly and find them infinitely better than cubes, plus you can vary the amount for the level of flavor intensity you want.

              I also keep some More Than Gourmet demi-glace on hand for special dishes.