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Oct 14, 2008 07:58 AM

Classic Hot Dog near Magnificent Mile

Spending a long weekend at Magnificent Mile. Want to try a classic Chicago hot dog. Don't really want to spend precious time traveling to or waiting in line at Hot Doug's...unless I'm mistaken about the distance and waiting time. Any other suggestions?

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    1. re: mai_world

      You're correct about the travel time to Hot Doug's; from the Mag Mile, allow 30 minutes by cab, 75 minutes by public transportation (el/subway and transfer to bus). Waiting times while there can be lengthy as well.

      Portillo's is a good suggestion. Their location at 100 W. Ontario is just a couple blocks from the Mag Mile.

    2. There are no two finer words in the English language than"encased Meats," my friend
      and Don't forget the fries in duck fat on the weekend. Pick up an all day cta pass (5 bucks i think) have a dog then discover
      Lincoln Sq., and work your way back through Wrigleyville,
      visit for bus routes and bus tracker.

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      1. re: Disco Demolition Dave

        It's also worth noting that Hot Doug's is closed now through October 28.

      2. The news that Hot Doug's is closed is definitely useful, since we'll be in Chicago this weekend. What about Gold Coast Dogs?

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        1. re: jasm

          Gold Coast Dogs is a local chain with several locations, including the Loop and at the airports, but nothing right around the Mag Mile. Personally, I think Portillo's is better anyway.

        2. jim's of course...right off 90 on Roosevelt...(formerly on Halstead)....a polish sausage with grilled onions AND a nice natural-casing frank with relish and onions makes the perfect breakfast! and the hot peppers on the side are blazingly wonderful. fries are included too....a pork chop sandwich (bone in) makes a nice alternative if you're not into the encased meats. YES....for BREAKFAST!

          1. Note that getting someplace on the subway is very quick. Mag Mile runs along Michigan AVenue. Red Line subway runs under State St which is two short blocks to the west (the direction away from the lake) from Michigan. Stations are at Grand and at Chicago. Every station has an attendant if you need help with the farecard machine.---or you can buy a day or weekend pass at the Jewel supermarket at State and Ohio. Red Line subway can take you to good neighborhoods for restaurants (at much lower prices) in 5, 10, 15 minutes. For example, Wrigleyville, which has bars and restaurants all around Wrigley Field, would be 15 minutes from the Mag Mile if you go by subway to Addison. Rents are VERY high downtown so you are less likely to find great hot dogs and great ethnic food at mama-and-papa startup spots there. To know the city, get out of downtown. Pick up free maps and literature at Water Tower, looks like a little stone castle, east side of Michigan just north of Chicago Avenue, entrance is on north side of block through restaurant.

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            1. re: Querencia

              There is NO WAY you will get from the Mag Mile to Wrigleyville in 15 minutes. NO WAY. It's 5-10 minutes walk to the el station, typically 5-10 minutes wait for a train, and then the train ride itself from Grand/State or Chicago/State to Addison is about 20 minutes. That's 30-40 minutes total. And then add on however long it takes you to walk from the Addison el stop to wherever you're going. A cab is usually quicker (not necessarily true during commuter hours) and can make the trip in 15-20 minutes, but of course a cab is also more expensive.

              And when someone is spending just a couple of days visiting a city, very often they have lots of activities already planned, and can't necessarily spare half a day or more to explore the city, and jasm is apparently in this situation. Let's provide suggestions that are responsive to the plans and inquiry as asked! If they're asking for hot dogs near the Mag Mile, THAT'S the information they are looking for in this topic, not a travelogue to neighborhoods elsewhere around the city.