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Oct 14, 2008 07:48 AM

Brown M&Ms or Smarties

Does anyone know where I can find brown-only M&Ms or Smarties or something similar?

I've called around to some candy stores (Sugar Mountain, Acme Candy) and a few locations of Bulk Barn and no one seems to have any.

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  1. Go to the bulk barn fill up your bags with reular ones then sort them and give out the other colours for halloween!

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    1. re: OnDaGo

      parents sort through their kids' bags when they get home and throw out the loose candies.

    2. If you Google it, there are still some places that sell M&Ms Colorworks online - I'm not sure which ones will ship to Canada or whether it's worth the cost to you, but you would be able to get individual colors.

      1. Go to There you can order specific colours and you can even get custom messages printed on them. You can even have your face printed on them, believe it or not!!! Fun but not cheap, so it depends how badly you want these brown M&Ms! I know they ship to Canada.

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        1. re: Chocolatemama

          Thanks for the replies - I should provide some background. I actually already have some custom printed M&Ms from (they're for wedding favours for my wedding this Saturday). Anyhow, when I put them into the little boxes that I got, it turns out that I didn't get enough custom M&Ms because the boxes look too I'm trying to supplement the boxes with regular M&Ms. My colours are brown and green. I thought I had remembered seeing "generic" brown M&Ms or smarties somewhere but can't remember where and now I haven't left myself much time :-( Booo!

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            "I'm sure that I have seen "chocolate buttons" at the Bulk Barn that were sold by individual colour. It was a while ago, but might be worth checking out in person. I saw them at the Leslie and Lakeshore location. Good luck!

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              Got any guests coming from NYC? Have them go to the M&M store in Times Sq. and load up on brown and green M&Ms.

          2. If you're still looking: Today I saw Halloween Smarties at Walmart and they contain only orange and brown M&Ms.

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            1. re: Chocolatemama

              Thanks for all your responses. I ended up going to bulk barn and found the Halloween Smarties that Chocolatemama referred to (just brown and orange). So to provide further proof (to myself) that I am a crazy bride, I proceeded to pick out all the orange Smarties so that I was only left with the brown ones. :-)

              1. re: zzzoe

                I love it! I just got married and I know I did some things that others would have found nutty so I have sympathy for you!