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Oct 14, 2008 06:57 AM

Sunday breakfast/brunch

our original plan was to go to the Commanders Palace for brunch but the earliest we could get in was 12:30 and we need to leave by 11 or so.
we are really just looking for a good breakfast, it doesn't necessarily have to be brunch buffet. and it doesn't really have to be fancy either, in fact casual is just fine with us.
we just want it to be a genuine new orleans experience. we are also ok with it not being in the quarter.

thanks in advance

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  1. Blue Plate Cafe on Prytania close to downton is good. I am not sure if they are open on Sundays though. Surrey's on Magazine in the same area also has tasty breakfasts.

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      thanks! they both look like they have great menus! looks like Blue Plate is closed on Sundays but we may check them out on Saturday

    2. Blue Plate is our breakfast spot.

      1. Can't go wrong with Surrey's.

        1. Ignatius Eatery 4200 Magazine
          J'Anita's 1906 Magazine***
          Ruby Slipper 139 S. Cortez
          Camellia Grill 626 S. Carrollton
          Croissant D'Or 617 Ursuline
          Coffe Pot 714 St. Peter

          call ahead for their hours:
          Cafe Atchafalaya 901 Louisiana Ave.
          Patois 6078 Laurel