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Sushi BYO?

I'm looking for a restaurant for a group of 6 women to go for sushi for a birthday celebration. I'd like to also find one that's BYO, if possible. Anything in Philadelphia or the burbs. Thanks!!

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  1. If you are going downtown I highly recommend Misso (1326 Spruce Street). There is a parking lot literally right next door and it is a BYO.

    1. There's a new place on the corner of Tasker and Passyunk, Izumi, that's BYO. Zento is BYO and excellent but the atmosphere isn't that great.

      1. We enjoy Kisso at 4th and Race (BYO)

        1. Ginza on Montgomery Ave in Narberth has good sushi and is BYO

          1. If the "burbs" are okay, try Bluefin in Plymouth meeting on Germantown pike. Not much to look at from the outside, but nice inside and great fish. it's BYO.

            1. Mikado in Cherry Hill. Great sushi, innovative rolls. They have one of those private screened rooms where you sit on the floor. Great fun. They even let you bring in outside cake for dessert if you want.

              1. We also enjoy Uzu on Market between Front and 2nd. They have outdoor seating, weather permitting.

                1. Who knew so many sushi places were BYO. Someone should email this thread to the PA Liquor Control Board, maybe they'd start carrying better Sake!

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                    I hear you bigley. The PA Store on 2nd street actually has a decent selection. The best stuff in there is behind the counter called Hakutsuru draft sake. Traditional sake drinkers will probably not care for it. It's $5 for 300ml but very light and dry. I like Umai Umai in the Art Museum area. Uzu and Zento are good.

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                      Every State store that I have been in carries Sake.

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                        generally only one or two good ones though and then only if you are lucky

                    2. MakiMan Sushi off of Oxford Ave in the Northeast is fun, has good food, and won't break the bank. http://www.eatsushi.com/makimansushi/

                      1. Sagami in Collingswood NJ. Just over the Ben Franklin Bridge. You can swing by Moore Bros and pick up a bottle of saki (nice selection) and/ or bottled wine.

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                          yes! Moore Bros NJ has great sake (DE does not, fyi)

                        2. I really like Miraku in Springhouse, great sushi, nice atmosphere, its my favorite in the burbs.