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Oct 14, 2008 06:12 AM

The Winery on 53 - has anyone been yet?

Hi all, I noticed a clipping in the paper for a new place that took over where Bobby Hacketts was - the Winery on 53. Has anyone been? I'm curious about it. We have a group getting together in a couple weeks...something mid ranged, w/nice food in that area would suit us well. Thanks!

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  1. As of last week, it didn't sound like the place was open yet, but it looks like it is now, as their Web site is up and running, complete with menu, chef bio, etc.


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      I was wondering if they would ever do anything with that old space. Good to know. For a group there is also another restarurant, name escapes me, that is up the road on 53 a half mile. It's where the old Braid Aide used to be. it's italian and is good and moderately priced. Just read the chef bio- he formerly owned Cherrywood's on Rt. 53 in Norwell. But the menu at the Winery is a bit of a departure from the Cajun food at Cherrywood's.

    2. According to three of the foodies I always go to for recommendations, this is a place to put on your "don't even bother list". NOT GOOD, NOT MUCH, FOR BIG BUCKS!

      Sorry Winery, you won't see me there unless things drastically change.

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        Drove by the other day and was wondering if anyone has tried it yet. The menu looks to big to be manageable.