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Oct 14, 2008 04:37 AM

Swing's Coffee

I was in Whore Foods the other day and noticed that they now sell a few varieties of Swing's packaged coffee at rational prices (no exorbitant shipping charges for mail order). I looked at a couple of packages and didn't see a roasting date. Is anyone buying it there? Is it reasonably fresh? I don't crave it badly enough to go to the downtown DC store and I don't think they sell out of the Alexandria roasting plant - but I'd go there if they do.

I think I've seen it at Balducci's, too, but they're usually even more expensive than WF.

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  1. I buy Swing's dark roast and espresso whole beans at the Old Town WF and it's always been fresh. I also buy at the downtown Swings occasionally; they taste identical. I've also bought WF's house blend and found it skunky.

    Heh. "Whore Foods." I'll never call it anything else!

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      Swing's is also sold at Unwined in Bradlee Shopping Center on King Street in South Fairlington. They get fresh once a week i believe.

    2. A Freudian slip, honest. You know I meant to type Whole Foods. ;)

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        No big deal. I always make Freudian slurps when I drink my delicious Swing's Embassy Row Roast coffee.

      2. I buy the Diplomat blend at the P St. Whole Foods, and I'm a total addict. Never had it from the downtown shop, but I've been meaning to have a looksee for a while now.

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          Swings is a great local shop. They roast locally in Alexandria and have been around since 1916 in various locations. The main shop near the White House is filled with old original counters, stools, and coffee bins and the takeout brew there is always fresh. They also have an excellent selection of loose black and green teas that I much prefer to the Whole Food varieties. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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            What would be a roast that would be similar to a grocery store "espresso" roast. I would like to take some Swing's coffee back to my parents in colorado next time i go home but want the right stuff. They use it for lattes every morning. the machine they have is one of those nice automatic ones from Starbucks. help me out, please!

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              I'd go with either French Breakfast or Embassy Row. Both are pretty dark roasts.


              Or you could just get their espresso. I prefer the Classic.


        2. The Chevy Chase Supermarket on Conn. Ave has a great selection of Swing's. Sometimes they even put it on sale.

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