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Oct 14, 2008 03:21 AM

Pretty cupcakes, and tasty too?

I know it's been discussed before but I was looking for some up to date information. I've offered to bring cupcakes to a wedding shower and want really pretty girlie girl ones. I've looked at Eat My Words and they look beautiful and exactly like what I want but the price really is a bit high, considering I need about 2 dozen. Before I cave and order, anybody have another recommendation?? Thanks very much.

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  1. Have you seen the cupcakes at Whole Foods? Not sure if the Toronto location has the same, but the Oakville location have the prettiest cupcakes! Look too pretty to eat (almost). The actually do look better than they taste though. The icing is beautifully done, but a little bland.

    1. I ordered cupcakes for my daughter's birthday from The Cupcakery

      They are so girly and everyone found them to be very yummy!!!

      1. I love cupcakes from both Yummy Stuff in Parkdale ( and The Bake Sale on Bloor, between Islington and Royal York. Both places do custom orders. The red velvet cupcakes from Yummy Stuff are to die for (and they're pretty too!).

        If I recall correctly, both places charge about $2.50-$2.75 per cupcake, but they are probably cheaper if you buy a dozen.

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          secondeddd Yummystuff for looks and taste
          also cupcakery and also sweet escape at the distillery, and lollicakes for custom designed.

        2. the cupcakes at whole foods are the worst I've ever tasted, imagine a stick of butter slathered on a brick

          1. i tried eini and co cupcakes at a wedding i went to recently...i think they're what you maybe looking for


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              I can second Eini. They are beautiful and really incredibly tasty.