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Oct 13, 2008 10:55 PM

8 oz

I went to 8 oz Friday night with a party of 15. We had reservations for 11 and it they were really accomodating about the extra people. Other than that...I have a mixed review., which leans towards a bad review. My drinks were great, but I recommend you stick to the alcoholic beverages. My water came with a shard of glass. Yep that's The manager offered me two drinks in return. Are you kidding me??? Like two drinks can make up for the fact that I almost swallowed a piece of glass.

I ordered the short rib grilled cheese. I was not impressed. The short ribs overwhelmed any sense of cheese in the sandwich. Unfortunately, the short ribs weren't tasty enough to compensate. My bf ordered the estansia grass fed burger. It was cooked the way he asked for it, but he still thought the counter was a better choice. I had a bite of his burger and I agreed. It was nothing special. The heirloom tomato ketchup tasted like heinz 57...which I'm a fan of, but hey if you're advertising the ketchup on the menu than it better be special.

The prices at 8 oz were reasonable. But In-n out burger would have worked for me. My boyfriend makes a better grilled cheese. I had high hopes for this place. I had never been to table 8, and was hoping for the best. Oh...wait I forgot about what I liked. The potato skins were good...not great, but good.

Next time, i'll just go get some chili cheese fries from tops

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  1. I went Saturday and was disappointed. I ordered the trio of sliders, lamb, boar and beef, and they were amazing. However, the sides were a dastardly deed, and the estancia and 8Oz burgers both came with all condiments on them and were extremely soggy. I thought the heirloom ketchup was good, as was the fried caper tartar sauce. However, the service was a little slow, we had a horrid table, and the bartender had an attitude that needed to be changed. My dh asked for a vodka in bucket with a splash of soda and the bartender said no, twice. We had to take the drink, ask for a bucket, and switch it ourselves. WTF? (I know this is petty. It is my dh's issue du jour, that and advertising Rx meds on tv, don't get him started).

    BTW, our potato skins sucked. SUCKED. They were so salty they were inedible. The fried pickles were over battered and over fried, and the french fries were so-so.

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      I think inconsistent is the key to this place. I had some things that were great, like the fried olives with sausage, and some terrible stuff.

      BTW, even though Govind Armstrong is a partner here, he does not cook. More of a consultant I heard....

    2. has anyone tried the veggie burger?

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        Yes, had it a few times now. It's not my most favorite, but its good enough that I haven't tried a fish sandwhich yet (pescatarian). It's more of the fresh-veggie/gardenburger style, as opposed to the boca/soy variety. It has a great grilled taste, but the texture is a bit inconsistent. I get it without the pickles or mustard (never like those) and usually add some sort of cheese.
        I really like the cheese curds and the smokey tomato sauce.
        The beer list is different and interesting, but not great.

        But overall, I like the place, its convenient, pretty cheap and there are things I still want to try.

      2. Count me amongst the disappointed as well. I had high hopes as well because 8 oz. is down the street from my girl's place, and I've been aching for something like a gourmet pub/burger-joint within walking distance for some time.

        I like the tomato chutney at 8oz., but that pretty much is it. I was unimpressed with the meat in their patty, for something that's made from tri-trip, sirloin, and chuck, and aged in a Himalayan salt locker, it didn't have much of a great meat flavor to it. On top of that, as others have mentioned, the bun is something of an issue. Initially I found it to be too hard and chewy, then realized midway through the meal how soggy it got. If the patty and bun fail in a burger, that's pretty much it.

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        1. re: troublemaker

          I went last week to 8oz as well, and I had high hopes.....

          Unfortunately I was quite dissapointed with their burger. While the meat was good and fresh that was about it...I found everything else to be overdone, bland, and soggy. I just feel for an upscale burger you could have gone so much further (Re: the burger at Bradley Ogden for example)

          I ended up spending about 15 bucks on the burger...for half of this I rather go to the counter or apple pan..

        2. Agreed. Finally went there this evening could gone to Fatburger and come out 40 bucks richer and more sass-fied. The bun on the "8 oz." burger, hard, relatively flavor free, what's up with that? I saw there was a sesame seed bun (proper) with the "classic" burger, but if you can't get the bread right on your namesake, well...The meat was absolutely nothing special for all the ingredients and hype and the blue cheese I got on mine was sour and odd. Just got back from there and I had to brush my teeth because the aftertaste was so unpleasant. The onion rings appeared great, but like most items at 8 oz. looks were deceiving. They appeared to be tempura style but then were kind of doughy with no real onion flavor, I don't know if the onions inside were sliced to thin or what. The fries were a similar mystery, super crunchy but little potato flavor just a bunch of deep fried crunch. The tables were super close together so it was tough getting in and out even for a very small lady on one side of me. And our waitress did a weird "upsell" and I don't know if it's policy or just her own trip but she'll ask you "how do you want the onions on that? Grilled, caramelized, etc." And since the menu clearly states that the burger comes with tomato, onion, pickle, etc. it's phrased in a way that this is the onion that comes on the burger not th one they charge an extra 2 bucks for. I mean, on the one hand I'm not trying to be cheap about 2 bucks, but on the other hand it's kinda sneaky, and by the time you have some onions, mushrooms and cheese you're at something like a 16 dollar burger BEFORE fries. That'll ding ya up to 20. Father's Office deserves their props and at least have something to back up their attitude, 8oz...all I can say is "In n' out, in n' out, THAT's what a hamburger's all about!"

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          1. re: PinotPlease

            Yep. Nothing craveworthy about their burger. In N Out beats them hands down, as does some other cheaper, classic burgers like the Fred 62 burger.

          2. I tried 8 Oz last night. Was mostly good. I started with the chorrizzo stuffed olives. They were very good - briney porkey goodness. The first few bites kind of perplexed me - I thought they needed something, and I couldn't figure exactly what. Everything I tried to imagine on them,actually didn't sound right. It finally hit me that they were really perfect as an appetizer, prodding me to want more. I had the standard burger with bacon and blue cheese. It was perfectly cooked, had a good bun that held up and didn't fall apart. The burger was tasty, but also not anything more. The fries also were also tasty, but again not anything special. The serving of fries was plenty big. Desert was a big disappointment. They advertised New York style cheese cake. What they brought to my plate was a circular disk of desert - cheese cakeish topping on a round disc of crust. The desert was way too light and thin to call itself New York Style and it had a very oily mouth feel. I only took two small bites and my lips felt like they were coated with lube. The waitress noticed and asked me how I liked it. I told her that it was very disappointing, not at all New York style and she took it away and off my bill. BTW, I really liked my waitress - gotta love a woman with a pony tail. She was very friendly and professional. Service was excellent throughout. My only other gripe is my change was rounded down 18 cents. That really bothers me. Had I not had other stuff on my mind, I would have brought it up to her or the manager. I did round down her tip because of it. All and all, everything except the desert and change rounding, was fine, but not at all crave worthy.