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Oct 13, 2008 09:07 PM

Carlo, vino and furniture- Hilarious

I was on the Gallo website (its a hugh site a real juggernaut) looking at the E&J line of brandy and cognac.
Anyway, looking around the different Gallo product lines I saw good old Carlo Rossi wines. You remember cheap (err...inexpensive) Carlo Rossi jugs of wine from high school and college days?

Well I bet you never realized the artistic functionality of those jugs- take a look;
Carlos Rossi Wines- Jug Simple-
Think of it as Jug Shui for the home.
BTW- I use the brandy to make Separators; 1 shot of brandy, 2 shots of Kalua and milk to suit. Tasty coffee flavored drinks and after a few you separate the men from the boys.
UselessCamper's blog-

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