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Oct 13, 2008 06:39 PM

Seattle Recs for NYer

Wanting to move to Seatlle from NY and want to be wowed by some food. Looking for restaurants that would fall in to a "visits regularly" category. Looking for places that would be about $120 for two people with wine. All recs would be great but I have a special fondness for Spanish style tapas and small plates.

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  1. Harvest Vine or Brasa's for small plates and tapas. Welcome to Seattle, NYPork!

    1. Try Sitka and Spruce in Eastlake area (located in a strip mall and tiny, but excellent NW food with small plates), Harvest Vine for tapas, Cafe Campagne (french bistro in Pike's Place Market), How to Eat a Wolf in Queen Anne (Mediterranean), Quinn's (Gastropub in Capitol Hill), Union (downtown), Nishino (sushi) These are all places we go regularly

      Oh, don't forget Oyster Happy Hour (25 cents per oyster) at Flying Fish M-F from 5-6pm, Happy Hour at Cascadia ($3 sliders) and breakfast at Macrina Cafe (if you liked baked goods)

      My favorite ethnic/less expensive places are Maneki (oldest Japanese restaurant in Seattle and a step into the past), Green Leaf for Vietnamese, Made In Kitchen (Vietnamese), Shanghai Garden (Chinese)

      1. For delicious and authentic Basque tapas, try Txori in Belltown, the new place by Chef Joseba of Harvest Vine. Harvest Vine is also delicious and authentic but is mostly small plates rather than Basque-style, gourmet finger food.

        Tango on Capitol Hill has Spanish-style small plates, generally less authentic than Harvest Vine but still delicious. They also have a great drink menu and are convenient to the Paramount, which comes in handy every now and then.

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          I second the recommendation for Txori in Belltown. I always order exclusively off the specials menu, and have never been disappointed.

        2. I just went to the new-ish Olivar over the weekend and it has a lot of potential.