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Oct 13, 2008 06:05 PM

Otis Spunkmeyer

Does anyone know of any place in the Boston/Cambridge area that sells Otis Spunkmeyer cookies? I saw an Otis Spunkmeyer truck on State Street in Boston this morning, and thought there must be some nearby...

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  1. Subway.
    If you want bulk dough Costco or Sams.
    Last time I was at a Bernie and Phyls they had them there for free too. Bob's stores has them for free too.

    1. Yeah , Subway has them.

      Although I don't think I'd want a cookie named after a porn star.

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      1. They also have them at T.Anthony's pizza on Comm. Ave near BU.

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          I've seen them in gas station convenience stores when traveling. Unfortunately I don't recall exactly where, but keep an eye out for them on those long drives!

        2. The Shaws near BU on Com Ave has their products too.