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Oct 13, 2008 06:05 PM

Late Night Yakitori

A few friends of mine are flying into San Francisco this week and, after a few cocktails, will be looking for some late night grub. To me, there's nothing quite as satisfactory as a cheap, basic yakitori restaurant at the end of a big night. Definitely not looking for a scene or fancy environment, just good food. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try

    O Izakaya Lounge

    not sure about their closing hours.

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    1. re: K K

      O izakaya appears to open the latest

      Sozai Restaurant
      1500 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

      O Izakaya Lounge
      1625 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

      312 8th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

    2. Between Geary & Post on the west side of Taylor Street is the discreet neon sign marking The entrance to Rokoko's, a late night sushi place with a full bar, techno music, friendly staff and yakitori. It's a basement boite that made me think of Greenwich Village. I enjoyed the yakitori & gyoza as well as a martini. It's popular with young men & women from the hospitality industry who work nearby and want to chill with their pals before going home late at night. You might want to give it a try!

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      1. re: plainfood

        Rokoko is disgusting. The food is mediocre at best and in my experience, not fresh (and that's bad for sushi!). And, if you want to hobnob with 17/18 year olds from the neighboring art colleges, that's your choice. I agree the music is good (great DJ), but this place is a real dive (dirty and cramped).

        The food at O Izakaya Lounge is really good and flavorful - good for soaking up all those drinks. Plus, they have a sushi flight that is interesting and pleasant to end the night with. Though the booths in the back are low-key, it can come across as "sceney"...

        (I tried to post a link, but the function was broken...)

        1. re: carfeng

          You can go to Poleng, late night dining til 1AM, M-Th.

          Poleng Lounge
          1751 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94117