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Oct 13, 2008 05:59 PM

Good chow near Langhorne

We are meeting up with some out of town friends for the Halloween-fest at Shady Brook Farm and want to find a good spot nearby for an early dinner. We are looking for great food (of course), fun lively atmosphere, low prices and a place that will be enjoyed by us, our non-foodie friends, and their 3 y/o son. The only places I can think of in the area are chains, and I definitely want to avoid a chain! Help!!!

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  1. Meglio's pizza has a wood burning oven, Jules Thin Crust Pizza or Isaac Newtons, which has a very good beer selection may be your best bet..

    All are in Newtown and are good, not great. The best food in the area is Rouget, BYOB, right by Meglio's, but it isn't cheap and it's not a "fun lively atmosphere."

    1. Longhitano's Pizzaria on Street Road in Southampton. Cheese on the bottom, fresh mushrooms and delicious sauce. Haven't found a place to beat it anywhere, and believe me we've looked because we don't live anywhere near it. Very friendly with great prices and green checked tablecloths.

      1. Friends Bar & Grille in Newtown has good food, its in the big shopping center with Genuardi's and Acme. I think the food is a bit better than Isaac Newton's, and the whole place has a pretty lively atmosphere. The only problem with Isaac Newton's is if you are bringing a kid, the bar area is fun, the restaurant area is separated and kind of quiet.

        1. 3 great places w/in 5 minutes. All are byob and kid friendly. Duck Sauce 215-860-8873, great chinese, Oishi 215-860-5511, great sushi and habachi and Piccolo Trattoria 215-860-5511 for italian. My favorite is Oishi, which has the freshest fish in bucks co and has a beautiful space. They also have a nice room filled w/ habachi grills which non foodies and kids would still love. Be sure to make a reservation as they are mobbed.