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Oct 13, 2008 05:51 PM

Burlington, VT trip

We are going up to Burlington this weekend and would like to try some new restaurants. We are frequent visitors to the Burlington area and typically eat at a few favorites - Magnolia Bistro, Vermont Pub and Brewery, The Skinny Pancake, among others. What are some of your favorites in the area? We need to keep the cost down, but maybe have one nice dinner. I have been reading about this new pizza place - Bite Me Organic Pizza and am wondering if anyone has tried it yet? The review I read made it sound pretty good...

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  1. I would try Taste (right on the waterfront, about 100 yards from The Skinny Pancake). Their website is Plenty of parking, friendly service, and creative/delicious food. Rick Benson and his team do a great job.

    Bite Me Organic would be an option for takeout as their seating almost zero.

    Still busy in the area due to foliage so make your reservations ASAP especially if you are looking for prime seating times.