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PHX - Pakistan restaurant on Greenway?

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There has been a sign up for a new Pakistani restaurant for a LONG time there on the S/W side of Greenway Parkway, about 2600 block East, there where is splits off to Greenway road and the Hotel furniture place is.

Does anyone know if the place is open yet, or will ever open? We thought we saw signs of life a few months ago, like they were starting to set the place up, but haven't poked our heads in for a while now.

Good eatin to y'all!


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  1. I THINK there used to be an Indo-Pak place there a year or two back that closed down. My g/f actually saw the sign last night and asked about it. Amazing timing. :) No clue what the status is, though.

    1. I drove by yesterday and saw the Grand Opening sign. The Open sign was also lit. I'm hoping to stop in for lunch in the near future.

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        We stopped in for lunch a week or two back and really enjoyed it! Tried the Chicken Handi ($4.99), the lamb korma ($6.99) and the garlic naan ($1). It was great, especially the Handi. A little oily, but still very nice. We'll be back!

      2. They are open... I have been their. I got their the 1st week they opened and he was having some growing pains.... I am planning on going back their for my blog : www.crediblyedible.com

        1. Adding contact info:

          Handi Pakistani
          2625 E Greenway Parkway 107 108, Phoenix, AZ 85032

          1. tried the lamb korma last night, it was ok, the curry was tasty, but there wasn't that much meat, more bones in the curry than meat.

            1. Hi
              We drove by the other day and the signs are down .... looks like it didn't make it. I'm not terribly surprised. The food was interesting but the whole setup was amateur hour. When we were there first, the guy taking the order had to call the chef on his cell phone to see if he could come over and cook what we ordered. then I went in one time to snag some lunch and the guy said it would take 45 minutes or so as they didn't have anything prepared.

              Maybe it was a just a front for some sting operation?

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                I was afraid to try but found out that new management has taken over the restaurant and changed the name to AZ Handi Restaurant www.azhand.com . I took my family and was very impressed with quality of food. We tried Goat (Mutton) Briyani, Chicken Karahi and Tandoori Boti. Outstanding taste... Wow... Very interesting place... we'll be back again...

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                  That's good to hear. I'd noticed it was back open the other night. Surprised me. We'll try it again soon, then - thanks for the update!