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Oct 13, 2008 04:36 PM

Weekend in Ottawa-suggestions?

We're headed to Ottawa for a fun weekend in November- my husband and I- we're planning on hitting Beckta already- other suggestions? Food is the priority (over ambiance/scene)- pricey is ok. TIA-

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    1. re: nummanumma

      Whalebone on Bank Street for oysters and seafood. The Black Tomato for a casual lunch in the market. Simple food with a good vibe.

    2. Domus Cafe is amazing, finally made it there in May. I have also enjoyed Black Cat - both are in the Market area.

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      1. re: bigos70

        Just outside of Ottawa....La Fougerie. As good as it gets and very beautiful drive.

        1. re: millygirl

          I agree wholeheartedly with 'millygirl'........DO NOT MISS..... Les Fougeres! STUNNING!!
          They are online as well..........The drive up from the city is short and not onerous. They also have a lovely cookbook for sale and all sorts of take out goodies.

      2. Signatures at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School is a great French restaurant. Service, food prep, plating all reminded me of fine dining in Paris.

        1. Good call on Beckta. Great food and service.

          Also agree that Le Cordon Bleu restaurant is very good. They also have started a lunch service which is run by the students so it's cheaper but probably still high quality (you can check out the weekly menu on their website).

          Another fine dining option is Par-fyum in Gatineau.

          For a change of pace, there are two tapas places that are nice initmate restaurants (both close to Beckta). One is called 222 Lyon (this is also the address) and the other is Aroma Meze.

          1. If you're hankerin' for a morning coffee & scone, or a lunchtime sandwich, or late afternoon brownie pick-me-up or whatever, check out Thyme &'s a cafe/catering place with take out or sit in and a really great vibe, great food (I was there maybe a year ago).