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Oct 13, 2008 04:04 PM

Indian Food


I am coming into NYC this weekend. I am looking for an Indian restaurant with a nice atmosphere to linger and also delicious food.
Any suggestions?

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  1. re annie90. a great Indian is Tamarind at 43 e. 22nd st. very upscale and delicoius. a newer updated approach to classic dishes. the lamb vindaloo very hot and spicy or the more restrained chicken tiki masala are both better than your typical curry palace .say hello to Walid the owner ,he's very gracious but be sure to call ahead for a reservation

    1. I like Tamarind as well, also another great choice is Devi, located at 8 East 18th St. in Manhattan. The website is where you can see their unique Indian menu selections. I have eaten at both restaurants many times and have always been satisfied. Note that Tamarind has a large bar area to hang out in while Devi has a tiny bar. Hope you have a good time!

          1. I think Tamarind is great but a little overrated. Mint is very good too, but I think the atmosphere leaves a little bit to be desired. Try Chola. It's a small place with GREAT food. If I lived closer to midtown east, I would eat there everyday.