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Oct 19, 2003 03:29 AM

French Toast in the San Fernando Valley?

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Any suggestions for French Toast?

Request for weekend breakfast in the San Fernando Valley/Burbank/Glendale area or northward to the Santa Clarita area.

Guest loves classic, stuffed, etc.



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  1. Dupars on Ventura east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

    1. Now don't flame me, but Millies makes a very good French Toast breakfast.

      1. Marmalade in Sherman Oaks has amazing french toast and pancakes.

        1. Hugo's on Riverside (at Coldwater Cyn) has a really great cinammon french toast plate. Reminds me of a toasty cinnabon without the frosting on top. GOOD stuff. It's a huge serving too.

          1. The Baker, in Woodland Hills, has the best French Toast in town, it is made with Brioche, and it is superb