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French Toast in the San Fernando Valley?

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Any suggestions for French Toast?

Request for weekend breakfast in the San Fernando Valley/Burbank/Glendale area or northward to the Santa Clarita area.

Guest loves classic, stuffed, etc.



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  1. Dupars on Ventura east of Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

    1. Now don't flame me, but Millies makes a very good French Toast breakfast.

      1. Marmalade in Sherman Oaks has amazing french toast and pancakes.

        1. Hugo's on Riverside (at Coldwater Cyn) has a really great cinammon french toast plate. Reminds me of a toasty cinnabon without the frosting on top. GOOD stuff. It's a huge serving too.

          1. The Baker, in Woodland Hills, has the best French Toast in town, it is made with Brioche, and it is superb

            1. Black Cow in Montrose
              Jinky's in Sherman Oaks
              Dupars in Studio City

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                Specifically the Flakey French Toast at Jinky's. Crunchy on the outside, and soft, pillowy brioche in the middle.


                1. re: Veggietales

                  Exactly! Black Cow's is prepared the same way - I think theirs is even better that Jinky's.

              2. Caioti has it at breakfast brunch.

                More than Waffles

                Sitton's NOHO Diner


                Coral Tree Cafe