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Oct 13, 2008 02:51 PM

Austin Cabrito

I have a friend who is in the area and on a cabrito kick. Wondering what the current thinking is on the best places for cabrito in Austin, especially BBQed cabrito. All leads appreciated.

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  1. The Bombay Bistro (in the HEB plaza at Braker/Jollyville) offers a goat curry that is tasty. For some translation reason it is listed on the menu as "mutton curry".

      1. re: looper

        the mutton (sheep) at sam's is tasty, but it isn't the same as cabrito (goat). can't say that i've had much cabrito in austin. once at the texican many many moons ago. don't remember it being offensive, yet not memorable either. hopefully someone will chime in with a great suggestion!

        1. re: ktown378

          azul tequila has it on their menu now. i thought it was better than texican's, which was good, but really bony.

      2. I haven't had it, but if your friend tries the cabrito burger from Mac and Ernie's in Tarpley, please report back. I've seen several people ask about it, but haven't seen it reviewed yet.

        1. About 8 years ago, I had the cabrito at El Gallo on South Congress. It was the first and last time I went to that restaurant.

          I've also tried the cabrito twice at Cooper's in Llano, and it was stringy and dry both times. I would recommend anything else there over the cabrito.

          I wish I could think of a single place that serves good cabrito in Austin. If it's on a menu, I usually try it. Unfortunately, none of it has been good. If your friend finds any he/she likes, I'd love to hear about it. I'll definitely be following this thread to see the suggestions.

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            I too have tried the cabrito at Cooper's and had the same experience. Far too dry. The fella manning the pit even warned us that it wasn't very good...but we just had to try it anyway.

          2. On the north side of E. Riverside there's a stripmall with a bodega called the Hacienda, between the Library and the HEB.

            I've gotten very good cabrito tacos there. Not bbq but stewed, tender, good flavor and not greasy. It's been a couple of years, though, so they may have changed. You could also consider that an endorsement for how good the cabrito was, as well.

            You pay at the checkout, then take your receipt to the counter and order. It helps if you speak Spanish, otherwise you may have some trouble specifying what type of tortilla you want.