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Oct 13, 2008 02:42 PM

Mission Bay - San Diego

My boyfriend and I are going to a wedding in Mission Bay and just have a few days to explore. I am interested in dining suggestions. Here is what I am thinking. We will have a car but I don't want to spend too much time driving around unless the place is incredible. Based on other SD posts this is what I am thinking. I am interested in getting your opinons.

The linkery
Urban solace
Neveria Tocumbo (my boyfriend loves paletas)

Were pretty open for ideas from the high to low end. Would like to try things that are very good or unique to san diego.

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  1. Linkery and Urban Solace aren't really in the MB area and you'll have to navigate through a few freeways and local roads to reach them. If you check the board for Linkery you'll find this place is a bit controversial in that it charges 18% for gratuity, and its food has been deemed inconsistent. Urban is a great pic, but again, not close to where you'll be. Closer restaurants with good food are:
    The Fishery --located in North P.B. for fresh and delicious seafood dshes (Cass & Loring)
    Lamont St. Grill --(not much of an atmosphere, but quaint and romantic) with fish, meat and veggie choices
    3rd Corner Wine Bistro-- in O.B. (off Voltaire). This place gets pretty crowded on weekends after 6:30. You can buy a bottle of wine on site for a reasonable corkage. Their menu offers outstanding pastas, cheese plates, salads, etc.


    1. across the highway in Mission Bay behind Baci's is Bay Park Fish Co. that has really good casual fish...
      Sushi Ota is some of the best sushi in town in Mission Bay at the 7/11 strip mall.
      Head to La Jolla at El Pescador for some damn good fish sandwiches..
      JV's for Mex in USD/Mission Bay..great taco shop.
      JRDN's at Tower 23 Hotel in PB for cocktails and app's..great oceanfront hotel..very hip
      Mariscos German Truck in City Heights for some of the best marlin tacos and other seafood goodies.

      1. In the Pacific Beach area I would suggest The Fishery (it is on the weekly rotation) and JRDN is doing some really great food and has an amazing view. Just had an awesome Lobster Club there on Saturday. Also, as far as food unique to San Diego (and its not really San Diego, but a town in Mexico) The Fishery is doing a local lobster fest where they serve the lobster Puerto Neuvo style with beans, tortillas etc... It is really tasty. I don't want to get into an argument about whether it really is uniquely San Deigan or not but it does seem to be a style of lobster that you can only find around here. Also, check out a taco shop to see our version of inauthentic Mexican. Taco Surf on Mission Blvd is a favorite.

        1. I would definitely second Bay Park Fish Company. Great food, great service, fun local place!

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            Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll let you know what where we end up and our thoughts.