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Oct 13, 2008 01:55 PM

Art and Soul Restaurant

Hi Everyone,

I saw one review on Art and Soul and was wondering if anyone else has been. I'm talking my sister there to celebrate receiving her MA degree.

If not, does anyone have any good recommendations that will allow an 8 months pregnant woman to eat well.


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  1. I was there during its first week open. The food very good -- clean and fresh, if you will. Everything seemed very light and simple flavorwise. I ate fish tacos which was perfectly cooked. My dining mates ate salmon and ravioli. Reportedly, both were good. Just an FYI, you do need to order sides as proteins tend to be served with very little else. The wait staff were very attentive and friendly. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Desserts were delicious -- we ate an apple cobbler and a bread pudding. As I work in that area, it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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      This might not be relevant to the 8 months pregnant woman but has anyone checked out the bar area? I work nearby as well and wondering what the bar is like for some after work drinks.

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        Yep. Here's my review. I'd definely recommend it for after work drinks.