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Oct 13, 2008 01:53 PM

Where to eat in Upper East Side

A friend and i (Early 20's) are coming to the Upper East Side (street in the high 50's and low 60's) in December and want your opinions on where to eat for all 3 meals of the day. A couple for breakfast, lunch and so on.


Suggestions dont have to be expensive or trendy, just looking for good food and atmosphere to make our trip to NYC that much more enjoyable. Your suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. Name and address or general location if possible.

Thanks so much.


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  1. In the area you are staying:

    Pizza: Angelo's, John's and Patsy's.

    Bakery: Buttercup for cupcakes, Two Little Red Hens, Payard Patiserie.

    Elegant: Not sure what you mean by this but maybe try the pre fixe lunch at any of Jean Georges restaurants. You could also check out Cafe Carlyle for dinner, Eleven Madison Park or Cru.

    Deli: Nothing really in the nabe except a place called Dominicks or Lenny's. Travel to Little Italy for italian deli or Katzs, 2nd Ave or Sarges for a jewish deli.

    If shopping at Bloomies head to Alices Tea Cup for lunch or if you want to seek out celebs go to Fred's at Barney's.

    I would also head to Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings, if you are out late night head to Velselka for grub, italian head to Crispo or Apizz, brunch at Pastis, dinner at Buddakan, drinks at the Ganesvoort, walk through the Chelsea Market, walk the Brooklyn Bridge to Grimaldis, eat at Asia de Cuba or Chinatown Brasserie and more drinks at Flatiron Lounge.

    Have fun!

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      Elegant, meaning fancy...just neighborhood restaurants around Manhattan that any visitor to New York should at least give thought to.

    2. To add onto what i said earlier, hopefully clarifying things a little bit. My girlfriend and i are coming to New York and wish to find the lil hidden gems and jewels of the Eatery Scene. Small "mom and pop" places are more then welcomed and cozy, good food, eateries as well. I've read of a diner or two and also a bakery but would like more ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner.

      Thanks So Much

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      1. re: GoodbyeMaryland

        Are you no longer focusing on just East 50's & 60's? (Btw, the E. 50's are usually considered Midtown rather than UES.) jenniebnyc is right that for some of the things you want -- for example, deli -- in order to get the best, you will have to travel to other neighborhoods.

        As far as "elegant" dining goes, Aquavit and Alto are two excellent options, both in the E. 50's.

      2. Yuva and Chola are two excellent Indian restaurants in that area. L'ybane is French-Middle Eastern and is very good. Felice is good for wine and Italian food.

        1. Here are my pics:

          Pizza - get on the M15 bus to 117th and go to the real Patsy's - you can be there in 20 minutes and you won't regret it

          Italian - Via Oreta, 1st and 62nd (small, really nice owners, make their own pasta); Il Vaggabondo, 62nd btw 1st and 2nd (same, very old school); Mediterraneo, 2nd and 66th (nice to sit outside)

          Coffee and treats - Java Girl, 66th btw 1st and 2nd

          Ethnic - little store called Melange, 1st and 64th (excellent middle eastern salads, hummus, cold cuts, etc)

          Deli - Dominicks, 1st and 61st (italian sandwiches); the bodega with the blue awning on 1st btw 62nd and 63rd - the lady in the back makes great sandwiches.

          Drinks/Appetizers - Felice, 1st and 64th (wine bar)

          Not crazy about any of the diners in the area - they are all rather indistinguishable to me. If anyone feels like one stands out of the crowd, would love to hear about it.

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          1. re: RussianGirl

            Maz Mezcal is a great mexican place on 86th between 1st and 2nd.

          2. The 50's and 60's is just about where we will be staying. It's no big deal if we travel 10-20 min for unforgettable food.

            Just places that someone new to the city should try. Lets give the small places a try.

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            1. re: GoodbyeMaryland

              You can knock out bakery and ethnic on 2nd Ave just below 86th street.

              Two Little Red Hen's has all kinds of great cupcakes and bakery items. Try the Brooklyn Blackout cupcake.

              Just next door is Heidelberg. Great German place...lots of good beer on tap. Love the potato pancakes! Plenty of atmosphere. A fun time!