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Oct 13, 2008 01:29 PM

Q "carolina style" pulled pork in a grocery? .... yeah, buddy!

nova hounds,

go directly to harris teeter, prepared foods section (not next to sushi, but not too far away), and find the "north carolina bbq" deli container tray (black plastic rectangle, clear top) of pulled pork from brookwood farms, siler city, n.c. (a bit less than a pound) and enjoy.

no big label, just look for an oval sticker "carolina bbq".

authentic eastern carolina flavor, NO fatty crap like those "tubs" from other places. no fake smoke.

it is the real deal. around $5.50/container --@12-14 oz.. let me know if i steered you wrong.

thank me!

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  1. You didn't steer me wrong. Like a dutiful Chowhound, I took your advice and enjoyed the Carolina Q. I've never had Q in Carolina, but have had this style before. This had good porkiness and nice smoke flavor that shone through the clear vinegar sauce. A winner all around.

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    1. re: Steve

      there you go! glad you liked it. you must've had a Q craving! ;-)

    2. My father, who's a Craven County native turned me onto it. It's not Wilber's, but it is definitely satisfying.

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      1. re: Henry Spencer

        i just got 3 more containers today. they had to go get them from the back. (i think they were chilled or frozen/thawed.) excellent again, esp. with the potato rolls.

      2. Alkapal-
        I'm headed home to NC this weekend and plan to eat some of the real thing while I'm there. I cannot thank you enough for this tip. 1st stop Harris Teeter when I return. Can you identify a metro accessible HT that carries the product?

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          Brand new H-T near White Flint has it.

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            freckmoto, the glebe rd. location on this "store locator" site is near ballston metro: http://www.harristeeter.com/other/sto...

            pentagon row store location is close to pentagon city metro stop.

            call and be sure they carry it, but it sounds like it is widely available.

            do me a favor, find me some good fresh green peanuts to boil up, or some good boiled ones, while you're at home. have a safe trip!

            1. re: alkapal

              This thread gave me a taste for it, so I stopped at the Ballston store tonight. They were out of it on the shelf, but someone got me some out of the back that was still frozen, so I had to thaw it when I got home. As an added bonus, it was on sale with .50 off. Because of HT's NC roots they carry a lot of things I used to stock up on on trips south like good fine ground corn meal to make my grandmother's corn bread recipe.

              1. re: Henry Spencer

                henry, now all you need with that cornbread is some good field peas!

                1. re: Henry Spencer

                  Went to the ballston store - did not see anything by the deli - but they had a white tub in the packaged meats section (near the hot dogs etc) from the same company - is it the same thing?

                  1. re: chowmac

                    chowmac, i have to check that location. i know a tub is available for the stores to carry, as the butcher at the harrison street store told me -- but they don't have it there......yet.

            2. Good call alka. I'm a huge eastern NC cue fan and gave this stuff a try the first time I saw it. It's a lot cheaper than driving four or five hours to Parker's, Wilber's, Moore's, etc.

              Another unusual source for good eastern NC cue in this area is the Weenie-Beenie in Shirlington. They serve it with the proper little packs of Texas Pete hot sauce (made in Winston-Salem).

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              1. re: Bob W

                There are Weenie-Beenie shops in Beltsville MD!
                The name has changed to Burger Delite, but it is the same menu.
                The one over on Kenelworth Ave closed I think.

              2. And it's 50 cents off this week. ;)