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Oct 13, 2008 12:43 PM

Aguila y Sol status?

Does anyone know if or when Aguila y Sol will reopen in DF?

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  1. Some people say that there are ongoing relocation negotiations.

    Some people say it won't open again.

    The bottom line: Ɓguila y Sol is not currently open and there's no way to know when or if it will open.


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    1. re: cristina

      That is truly tragic! Well, I am glad I got to experience it at least once. Now we have to find a substitute splurge restaurant in DF!

      We have been to Pujol as well, and didn't like it as much as Aguila Y Sol.

      We know about Izote and Contramar, and Azul y Oro at UNAM. Any others we should consider?

      1. re: Maya

        Izote has gotten outlandishly overpriced - be warned! Biko, Jaso and Tezka should be on the list.

        1. re: Elchilango

          What kind of cuisines are these restaurants? I should have added that we'd ideally like that "alta cocina mexicana."

          1. re: Maya

            All are delicious, but none are alta cocina mexicana. Biko is half creative/half traditional Spanish; Jaso has some mexican touches, but mostly just good creative food; and Tezka is creative with slight Mexican touches. Tezka is probably a much better experience at lunch. See a post of mine from a while ago - I had a horrible service experience there.

      1. The previous posts concerning Aguila y Sol are all from the fall of 2008. Has anything happened since then?

        In 2007, Aguila y Sol was my favorite restaurant in Mexico City, and I ate there three times in two weeks, which earned me a free dessert. It was a shock, last year, to find it not only closed but sealed, with dire threats to anyone who tried to get in.

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