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ISO a word for "food" that begins with a "B"

Did I get your attention with that title?!? One of our daughters is getting married next weekend and I'm making her a cookbook of some of our favorite recipes. My husband's name is BOB and mine is CATherine so I'm thinking of

BOBCAT's Book of Bodacious B__________

Any suggestions? Or I could leave the B's alone and go with something else. The 'Hounds never fail so please help now. Thanks a bunch - ooh, another "B" :)

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    1. re: bubbles4me

      There's actually a restaurant in Santa Fe called "Bobcat Bites" - they make a first class green chili cheeseburger!

          1. "Brunches, Lunches and other great meals?"

            1. Maybe I'll use every one I get :) I knew I could count y'all. I think we better make a trip to Santa Fe!

              1. Or you could shift slightly off-center and use Bonhomie.

                  1. Arcane: Broma (Greek for food).

                      1. from dictionary.com
                        bread, bite, board, broma,
                        banquet, blowout

                          1. BOBCAT's Book of Bodacious Benevolences.

                            1. In Korea "bap" litterally means cooked rice, but is used to mean prepared food in general in the vernacular. Perhaps you can have chapters with B words as headings for different food types or groups.

                                1. Haha where did the word bodacious come from in regards to food?

                                  Let's see... I vote for bounty, bliss or bites!

                                  1. A post that got deleted mentions using the word BOBCAT as an acronym, i.e.,
                                    Book Of Bodacious C______ A______ T______ I'm liking that also.

                                    1. "Bounty"

                                      or BOBCAT's Book of Remarkable Recipes
                                      or BOBCAT's Hand Me Downs
                                      or Mom & Dad's Recipe Book

                                      Whatever you call it, it will be great. She will cherish it forever! Congratulations!

                                          1. Book of Bodacious Booty....

                                            1. We went with Bobcat's Book of Bodacious Bites. It's been a big hit with requests for updates. Thanks all. It's fun to share with 'Hounds.

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                                              1. re: c oliver

                                                Well Bobcats Book of Bodacious Bites is cute however I would also suggest
                                                Book Of Bodacious Chow And Things and you can use the acronym Bobcat

                                                1. Oh, man, those are great also. I'd thought to send the "kids" individual recipes as they make my A list but perhaps I'll compile second (and third, etc.) editions with different names in order to use more of these. I am just not clever :)

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                                                  1. re: c oliver

                                                    Well, gee, if you have some nice family stories to go with the recipes, how 'bout "BOBCAT TALES"? :-)

                                                  2. how about BOBCAT'S Book of/for Breaking Bread....?