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Oct 13, 2008 12:31 PM

Mate in Orange County

Hello folks! Love these posts - read often and appreciate the opinions of all you posters but rarely do I find myself in a position to be additive...until now! ;-)

I need to buy a new gourd for my mate and would appreciate any exposure to any Argentine stores in OC that sell mates and bombillas. I know Whole Foods carries them under a kit by Guayaki, but their yerba is terrible (imho) and the products are overpriced. Thanks for any advice!

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  1. Can't help you with the OC thing, but I can tell you I drink a lot of mate and don't use either a gourd or a bombilla. I make it in a french press--yes like for coffee, an pour it into a coffee mug. Not as cool, but actually a superior method.

    1. Claro's Italian Market in Tustin sells mate. They have a couple of Argentine brands in bags that look like 5 pound sacks of sugar. Price wise, I think this is your best choice. I believe they have bombillas, but I could be wrong.

      Also give a call to Mother's Markets. They sell mate, and at one point, they carried bombillas and glass "gourds." I believe Costa mesa is the biggest store, and know that inventory isn't identical at each location.

      1. Wonderful! Claro's is not too far away at all! I will check them out. And, I am sure mate in a french press is superior in extracting the best flavor, but I love the ritual of pouring my yerba in the mate, shaking it upside down, tilting it as I adulterate the product with orange peel and sugar, and giving it just a bit o room temperature water to moisten the leaves before adding the hot (but not boiling!) water. I don't know when it happened, but somehow, the ritual became much more satisfying than the drink itself.

        Thak you both!