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Oct 13, 2008 11:35 AM

Route 2 Foliage trip

My Hubby and I will be taking a drive on route 2 from Concord to Shelburne Falls on Wednesday for a little fall foliage and hopefully some memorable side trips to fun places along the way. My interests are: a great cup of coffee, not flavored or fancy, just fresh brewed. On a side note, I have decided to start roasting my own coffee at home, so, if anyone knows where I can purchase green coffee beans along the way, that would be fantastic. Secondly, local cheesemakers and third, an interesting lunch stop: good burgers, home grown produce, interesting menu etc. Lastly, something to bring home - maybe a great bakery or some cider donuts at a local farm.

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  1. I recently had breakfast at the Wagon Wheel in Gill and it was excellent. Coming from NY we went by a coffee roaster a little west of Shelburne Falls.

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      yeah shelburne falls coffee roasters is right there on route 2, before you hit the town. maybe you could buy green beans there. not sure. but their coffee is quite good. the wagon wheel is excellent and inexpensive , a former drive-in that expanded recently with fine results. there are some nice, inexpensive restaurants in downtown greenfield as well -- hattaporn's kitchen for thai, beijing house for chinese, tofu-a-go-go for vegan. if you like books and stuff, you might also enjoy dropping down to the bookmill in montague center, it's down route 63 a few miles, and is an old grist mill with a bookstore and cafe, situated along a lovely river. there's also good coffee at mccuskers in buckland (just across the river from shelburne falls). the bridge of flowers there is cool, even if it's a little late in the season. anyway, hope your trip is fun.

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        I agree about the Montague Bookmill. I was there on Monday once again and can't get enough of the place. We stopped into Lady Killigrew for some desserts, but they were mostly out of what we wanted. But definitely a nice place to browse for books, grab a light snack and a coffee/tea/bear, and hear and see the river down below.

        Here's a picture I took from there on Monday: