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Oct 13, 2008 11:35 AM

Which place for Ann Arbor Thanksgiving

From what I've been reading, it seems to be pretty limited - Weber's, Zingerman's Roadhouse (if open) or the ....something Fox.

There are only 3 of us, and it doesn't have to be a "traditional" dinner, so...anybody?? Where would you go?

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  1. Maybe you mean the Lord Fox. Not sure what you mean by limited - you mean not many places open? I would think not.

    But in my experience some Asian restaurants are open on holidays. If you know what kind of food you're after you can contact the restaurants and ask if they're open, I guess.

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    1. re: Chris Weber

      Yes, that's what I meant, its just challenging, from past experience, to find good places open for a major holiday. That limitation has led us to some good meals, however, like really good Middle Eastern food on Christmas.

      So that's a good idea, I'll look at some Asian places too.

    2. Do you definitely want to go out, or would you be up for doing thanksgiving at home, but just not cooking? If so, produce station does whole thanksgiving meals in various themes, e.g. traditional, southwest, etc. I think you can order whole meals from whole foods too.

      I would definitely NOT go to Lord Fox. I like the idea of a non-traditional thanksgiving dinner and would check out Old Siam for Thai or Middle Kingdom for Chinese. Also Shalimar for Indian or Charlie's Mediterranean for Middle Eastern. But I have no idea if any of those places would be open.

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      1. re: charlesbois

        Thanks for the non-traditional names, any of those sound good, I'll look into them.

        Yes, it really needs to be out.....just a quick student apartment & all that.

        1. re: Betty

          Over a month later and still looking. The Convention-visitors Bureau suggested I contact all of the restaurants in town individually..Gee hadn't thought of that. No really I have, as I have emailed five or six, all of which either did not respond or are closed - Korean, Japanese, Zingerman's, Just spoke to Cafe Zola on the phone, closed. I'm still going to contact Charlie's Med.

          But if you AA folks hear of a likely place, please post, ok? I'm not looking for fancy, just something more fun than eating at the hotel snack bar.

          1. re: Betty

            Five Lakes Grill up in Milford has a take home dinner too. Although the meal may be larger than you want.

            Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

            10-12 pound organic turkey,
            Roast ready, seasoned inside and out – including pop-up timer.

            1-quart giblet gravy
            3 pounds sausage stuffing
            3 pounds autumn vegetables
            3 pounds brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes
            1 pint cranberry orange relish
            3 pounds Waldorf salad
            1 pound sliced house smoked salmon
            One 9-inch pumpkin cheesecake
            One 9-inch chocolate bourbon pecan pie
            1 loaf egg bread

            Complete holiday dinner package is $250 plus tax
            Feeds 8-10 guests
            Order By: Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

            Includes full instruction sheet for easy meal preparation
            Call Five Lakes Grill: 248.684.7455

            1. re: Betty

              hmm, emailing is probably not your best bet with some of those restaurants mentioned.

              I know you aren't looking for traditional, but Webers is doing thanksgiving. Their website says parties of four, but i bet they would let a party of three in there.

              other than that, i'd try checking the old tried and true ann arbor places, like the earle, bella ciao, gratzi, real seafood. Also try the hotels - Campus inn/victors, Grahams steakhouse, Shearaton fourpoints.

              and if none of these work, here's an offbeat suggestion

              1. re: charlesbois

                Thought of some more you might try
                Seoul Garden
                Cherry Blossom

                there's a ton of restaurants in ann arbor, but i'm just not sure what would be open on t-giving.

                and if you are completely striking out, here's a link to t-giving meals around detroit. Good luck! Let us know if you find one...


                1. re: charlesbois

                  Thanks guys. I will start afresh. Some you list I've tried already, but I will keep trying, since three people eating takeout in a dorm room doesn't sound very appetizing! Memorable perhaps....

                  The free dinner you link to sounds like a possibility actually. We've actually talked about finding one of those to volunteer for. We have volunteered many years at our community's Thanksgiving day dinner, both cooking and doing home deliveries - I guess that is one reason I don't have a big personal Thanksgiving tradition myself. Maybe we could sign up to work. thanks for that tip!

                  1. re: Betty

                    not sure if you have transportation, but some of these are not very far from ann arbor. good luck


        2. Weber's Inn's Restaurant in Ann Arbor on Jackson Ave. has a wonderful offering on Thanksgiving day. Reservations are recommended - 734.665.3636.

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          1. re: pamproctor

            When I told Weber's we were a party of three, possibly four, they said "oh, that means upstairs in the restaurant", since their special offering is only for parties of 4 or more. So, that's ok, i really don't need the private ice sculpture or whatever, I'm just glad to find a place that is open!