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Oct 13, 2008 10:19 AM

Dutch process cocoa question?

This weekend I made a killer chocolate cake which called for Dutch process cocoa. I had Nestle cocoa in the house and used it. Tried to figure out whether or not it was Dutch processed, but box didn't say. Cake turned out great, but just curious, what is Dutch process cocoa, was Nestle's the real thing? what difference does that make in the cake? As a child, I remember seeing Mom/Grandma use Droste cocoa, but all I can find the grocery stores by me are either Hershey's or Nestle.

Also, glaze called for bittersweet chcoolate, which I used 70% Ghiradelli. Everyone liked it, but I am more a milk/semi sweet chocoholic, could I substitute semi sweet next time? TIA!

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    1. Todao's link explains it all pretty well.
      The Hershey and Nestle cocoas are generally natural or "non-dutched" cocoa...but look around on the shelves, because both Nestle and Hershey do also offer "dutched" products, which are specifically labeled as such.
      I generally prefer a 50/50 blend of regular & dutched cocoa...the regular cocoa for the better (to me anyway) chocolate flavor, and the dutched for the dark richness.

      1. Sure, your glaze will be fine with semisweet chocolate, or you could imply use a bittersweet chocolate with a lower cocoa solid content than 70%, which is at the upper end.

        1. Thanks! After I read todao's post, sounds like I was lucky the cake turned out OK. But it does explain why it was so bittersweet tasting. The rest of my family liked it. In a way it was good because I shouldn't be eating chocolate cake anyway, and now I am not tempted!