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Oct 13, 2008 09:38 AM

Best Turkey Sandwich in WLA

Lately, I've been craving a turkey sandwich like the one at the notorious Malibu Kitchen. This would include: turkey breast and cranberry. The one at MK has baked brie, which makes it OUT-standing, but I'll settle for some stuffing or mash... or both.

Any suggestions? Desired area: Brentwood, Santa Monica, WLA, Mar Vista, Venice, MdR, Westwood, or Century City. Thanks, 'hounds! =)

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  1. Clementine has a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on the menu. I haven't tried it but every sandwich I've had there has been pretty delicious.

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      the Clemintine sandwhich is indeed delicious; the right combination of sweet and savory. Really tastes like Thanksgiving in a sandwich.

    2. favorite sandwich!! I've never been to Clementine, but if there is a Gelsons near, they have a sandwich in the deli called the "French Turkey", it has Brie, turkey, I think lettuce, and cranberry mayo. Also, in their hot section, at least the one I live by, you can get a fresh carved "Thanksgiving" sandwich, with cranberry sauce, I would have them throw some stuffing and gravy on it, too. That isn't always the best idea, though, because sometimes I'm really craving it, and it's the day they don't have stuffing. What works best is buying the Thanksgiving dinner from Jerrys Deli (there's one in Westwood), taking it home and making your own sandwich. But FYI, because we are getting near November, Starbucks has a surprisingly deelish Thanksgiving sandwich, with turkey, stuffing and orange-cranberry sauce on brown bread. I wish they would put it on a soft french roll, but oh well. I like lots of mayo on it, too. I can't WAIT for Thankgiving leftovers!!! (6 weeks to go!!)

      1. If you have never had the grilled chicken or turkey sandwich (w/sun dried tomato, avocado, provolone and a killer basil garlic sauce) at il Tramezzino then you really need to make the pilgrimage. West side location is in Beverly Hills, so not too terribly far outside your preferred geographic preference. They also have location in Tarzana and Studio City if you are ever in the Valley and need a fix.

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          Lemon Moon on Olympic at Bundy (hidden in the office complex) does a good turkey with cranberries on a baguette. I love turkey with cranberry and I also recommend the Gelson's sandwich!

        2. Turkey provolone from Bay Cities deli in Santa Monica. Clementine in West LA has a great turkey sandwich as others have noted.

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            I love Bay Cities -- I think their rolls make the best sandwiches in town and I also think their hot side is seriously underrated. They do offer several types of turkey for sandwiches, but it is all thinly sliced from deli packaging (Boars Head?) and is not fresh-sliced from a real roasted bird.

            I am not usually a big fan of Koo Koo Roo -- their chicken does not have the crispy crackly skin that is my favorite part and if I don't have some kind of discount coupon I think they are overpriced. But they do have big fresh real turkeys that they slice up for sandwiches. They also offer cranberry sauce, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Go crazy! There is a location in the strip mall with the Winchell's and Yoshinora on the S/E corner of Santa Monica Blvd. at Sepulveda.

          2. haven't had it in years, but it used to be great--they carved the turkey for each sandwich to order.
            the main course on pico near the golf course.
            10509 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064-2319 Phone: (310) 475-7564

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              The Main Course was highly touted by Elmer Dills (RIP) almost a decade and a half ago when he was on KABC radio with Merrill Schindler. They were best known for serving a Thanksgiving turkey dinner all year round. I went in a couple of times -- it was sorta dark, not busy at all, and if I remember correctly was cafeteria-style service. It is indeed on the north side of Pico just west of the entrance to the Rancho Park golf course across the street. I wonder how they've stayed in business all these years; I guess they get enough patrons from the upscale residential neighborhood to the south and the mostly elderly clientele who live in the Century City condos nearby.