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Oct 13, 2008 09:28 AM

Nova Scotia wines

I am a regular visitor at Jost vineyards (their Baco Noir is my favorite as well as Trilogy, Eagle Tree Muscat and their Cabernet Blanc), and have been fortunate to visit several lovely little wineries around Atlantic Canada. But this week there is the fall buzz about-lots of winery tours and free tastings etc going on it seems, and it's a great time to visit the wineries amid the backdrop of the fall colors. While some of the wines sell at most NSLC locations, for the real goods it seems you have to visit.

Just this past weekend I got down to visit Gaspereau vineyards and aside from this being in a beautiful location, I am now a huge fan of their reds. Purchased a bottle of the Vitis in particular and it was soooo good. Also picked up a bottle of the Port, for a gift (if i can stay away from it)
I highly recommend anyone visit. From what I gather they don't sell at the market or the Port of Wines (pls correct me if wrong


Been to Grand Pre, but not in a while, liked their Muscat...they sell their wines at the Halifax farmer's market. I hear good things about Blomidon but haven't yet visited the winery. Been to the Lunenburg county which has mostly fruit wines, which i don't tend to be a big fan of, but their Honeymoon wine is very nice.

Chime in with yours !

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  1. I'll chime in with recs for the Jost Trilogy and Eagle Tree, along with their L'Acadie Chardonnay. I also was very impressed with the Gaspereau Riesling last year. While I'm normally a red wine guy, I think NS does whites generally better than reds from those I've tried. The now sold-out Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 was incredible.

    1. whoa this thread is old but maybe time to return to it? What does everyone think about the Tidal Bays? Luckett? Benjamin Bridge's sparkling wines? Seems to be much happening in Nova Scotia's wine industry!

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        I generally don't really like Nova Scotia reds. I tried Luckett Phone Box recently and hated it.

        1. re: existential_crisis

          - Tidal Bays: I've likes all that I've tried (Gaspereau, Grand Pré, and another I've forgotten)
          - Nova 7: yum!!

          - Gasperau is the winery I generally prefer. I really like their Lucy Kuhlman, but I forget the grape.

          - I've had a couple Luckett's that I enjoyed, but I forget. The tour was how I figured out what I liked.

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            Lucy Kuhlman is the grape!

            I don't think Luckett's Phone Box is the wine to best judge Nova Scotian wines by... usually if a wine goes by a catchy name and not a grape or region, it is "table wine".