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Oct 13, 2008 09:09 AM

I want to make bread

As the title says, I have an urge to make bread. However, for some reason it sounds quite intimidating to me.

I have a family of 5 (10 year old, 8 year old, and an 11 month old) so i want something not very time consuming.

I'd like to start with a basic white bread since grilled cheese and lunch meat sandwiches will be our main usage.

one other thing, I don't have a stand mixer, bread machine, coal, brick or wood oven or anything of that sort, so keep that in mind.

Now where do I start???

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  1. JB,

    I'm sure you'll get far more informed advice than this, but it's a place to start.

    I'm an on-again/off-again home bread baker and some resources I can suggest are:

    1) - The nice folks at King Arthur have lots of gadgets and other resources.

    2) The Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day recipe is fairly loose and can be worked without the stand mixer. Not sure how it will translate into the loaf-pan type bread you're seeking. I may have to try it myself! The recipe is all over the internet. Please Google "artisan bread in five minutes" and you'll have an abundance of resources including a YouTube video.

    3) A copy of "The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread" by Peter Reinhart. He does a FANTASTIC job of describing the chemistry that goes into baking bread. With this info in-hand, you can problem-solve issues rather than getting frustrated and abandoning your desire to bake!

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      I second all of those suggestions. King Arthur has some great recipes and tips for how to get going with bread.

      1. re: Monch

        One resource I overlooked!

        4) Santa Claus - Ask for a stand mixer for Christmas! Clear space on your counter for it (don't hide it in a closet) and you'll find you're using it constantly. I'm partial to the KitchenAid bowl-lift model I have. However, search within CH for "stand mixer" and you'll get an abundance of fantastic opinions.

        Ask for it for THANKSGIVING and your kids will be singing your praises for all the quick and easy brownies/blondies/cookies/cakes you churn out with that mechanized wonder!

        1. re: Monch

          What a wonderful gift for your family to make them homemade bread! Please don't be intimidated. If a loaf doesn't turn out quite as planned, call it "rustic" and serve it anyhow. ;-D

          I think the biggest mistake you're likely to make is adding too much flour, especially during kneading. If you know a good bread baker who can show you the process once, it will be very helpful.

          My best hint is to always use a kitchen scale. That will help you get the proper amount of flour, and every loaf will turn out the same.

          And do take a look at this website:

        2. This no knead bread, IMHO, takes the cake ... pun intended:

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            This bread is SOOO good! A good bread to try as a first attempt! The last loaf I made, I almost ate the whole thing myself. Yummmm, maybe I should make some this weekend.

            1. re: todao

              This no knead bread recipe is foolproof.
              todao and upstste girl know what they are talking about.

              1. re: todao

                I certainly am not a baker but my first attempt at the NKB came off flawless. Best bread I've ever made and worlds better than what I can get at the supermarket.

              2. The white bread recipe on the King Arthur bread flour bag is quite good. I have the artisan bread in 5 minutes a day, and I've had great success with it for everything EXCEPT loaves in a loaf pan......otherwise it's a miracle. I also have the bread bakers apprentice. It's a little much for a novice. most loaves take if not several days, then an entire one.....for your first loaf make it a foolproof easy two one hour rise dough.....

                1. I have none of the equipment mentioned and no troubles (although I do throw a piece of granite on the bottom rack - a few bricks or flat cinder block will work).

                  2 things on your list as liabilities are in fact assets - put the 8 and 10 year old to work with the kneading. your back will thank you and they get to be messy in a productive mom or dad time kind of way.

                  and remind yourself, if the first loaf doesn't work, you really haven't wasted much. most of the time is spent letting it rise and the baking.

                  1. Great, thanks to everyone, I think first I'm going to try the artisan in 5 and the one on the flour bag, I'll report back after I try it.

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                    1. re: JBethell

                      Count me as another admirer of King Arthur. I'd definitely start with any of the recipes on their website. The instructions are clear, often with photos of each step along the way. Here's a link to their foolproof whitebread recipe: