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Oct 13, 2008 09:04 AM

fuzzy logic rice cooker - measuring cup issue

I somehow lost my measuring cup and I'm no longer sure what the correct proportion of rice to liquid is. Is there some kind of standard proportion that I can use? I improvise and it often works, but not always. Thanks.

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  1. As protection against such an eventuality, I measured mine, and wrote the number on the outside of the cooker in permanent ink - 3/4 cup.

    I recall reading recently that the measure is pretty standard, taken from a common Japanese rice measuring box. It was in some blog or newspaper article that discussed innovative ways that people were using their cookers, but I don't recall how I found it (NYTimes, San Francisco?).

    1. Try the old Asian trick - add enough water so that when you stick your middle finger to the top of the rice, the water level reaches just reaches the first knuckle. It's surprisingly accurate.

      The rice cooker cups themselves are about 3/4 cup.

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        Thanks for the replies. These are both helpful.

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          The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook says that the rice cooker cup measures about 3/4 cup regular measuring cup. I bet you could write the manufacturer of you rice cooker and get a new cup.

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          I never understood that old asian trick, simply because a wide shallow pan versus a tall narrow one would make for extreme differences in water to rice ratios.

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              It does account, in part, for the water that is lost by evaporation. With a wider pan there is more evaporation, so the volume of water relative to rice should be higher. So a strict volume ratio isn't any more accurate.

              The depth trick probably works best in a range of pots typical of Asian rice cooking. It wouldn't be applicable to paella or risotto cooking in wide pans (though with both of those, you can add liquid in stages). The ratio also varies with type of rice, and desired end product. Some Japanese rice recipes call for a 1.25:1 ratio, US long grain typically uses 2:1, and European short grain up to 3:1.

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                another old asian trick, put the rice in the rice cooker and lay your palm/hand down flat on top of the rice. Add enough rice so that it goes to your wrist. My mother swears by it, but when my sister uses this method she fails miserably. I just tell her to use the cup that came with the rice cooker but she won't listen to me :/

            2. The measure for rice cookers is very standard , 180ml. That's 0.76 cups or very slightly over 3/4 cup.

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                The cup for my Zojirushi is 160 ml, marked on the cup and confirmed by weighing a cup full of water. I guess they didn't get the memo. Probably close enough, though.