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Oct 13, 2008 08:28 AM

Hugo's Frog Bar Cake?

I've heard a lot about the gigantic cakes served here--the slices that can easily serve 4-6 hungry people. I'm somewhat skeptical about them, since I've often found oversized desserts are gimmicky rather than actually good-- any opinions on if they're worth checking out?


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  1. I've had them a few times. They are generally very good and crowd pleaser.

    1. Have you been to Gibson's Steakhouse? Same kitchen, same gigantic desserts.

      1. My husband & I have gotten them a couple times before &, yes, they're freaking huge. In my opinion, we've loved them! The chocolate mousse cake is extremely rich, covered in pieces of white & milk chocolate. He also ate an ice cream cake with peanuts & such (kind of like a Snickers cake) that he adored. So yeah, I'd recommend giving it a whirl! :)