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Oct 13, 2008 07:56 AM

Paoli Diner - Bad Experience


The first experience at the Paoli Diner was most unpleasant. I ordered fish which had to be sent back 2 times and never was edible (strange flavor and gelatinous texture). The waitress, although very sweet, didn't get our orders right and never did bring the rolls and butter that were supposed to come with our dishes.

The worst thing though was that I as charged for the side dishes that came with the fish and the Manager loudly berated me for asking why I was being charged at all!

Most high quality restaurants would be very apologetic and certainly not charge a thing. In fact they might even go so far as to give you a credit for another visit. The Manager said so rudely to me "how am I supposed to make money?!" Apparently he needed that $5.30 more that he needs repeat, satisfied customers.

We'll never go back and are telling everyone we can.

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  1. I had breakfast there and it was horrible. How hard can it be to cook bacon, eggs & homefries? Will never go back either. Doubt it will be around very long.

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      1. The servers are usually fine there, but the food ranges from unexciting to inedible. The owners used to own the now-closed Villanova Diner, which was definitely losing its luster by the time it closed. With the Paoli Diner, it _started_ with no luster. Gah. Avoid, avoid, avoid. It's absolutely worth the drive to Wayne to go to Minella's, if you want diner food.