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Oct 13, 2008 07:48 AM

MSP: Jucy Lucy article in City Pages (10/8/08)

Any thoughts? The best one I've had has been at the Nook / Shamrocks, so I agreed with the general ordering from this reviewer (though as I mentioned in other posts, while I'll never turn down a free Jucy Lucy, if presented with other burger options, I'll always go with something else).

Overall ratings were:

The Nook: A
The Blue Door Pub: B+
The 5-8 Club: B
Matt's Bar: C-
Common Roots Cafe: F

I haven't been to the Blue Door Pub or Common Roots Cafe... so, I'm particularly interested to hear everyone's take on those restaurants!

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  1. Their review of the Common Roots Cafe's "Rootsy Lucy" is spot on, I'm afraid. The bread fell apart in my hands, the meat was nothing special, and there was no cheesy surprise inside. An ill-spent $9.50 at a cafe I otherwise enjoy.

    1. I loved the Paul Molitor at The Nook the last time I was there. It was right on.