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Oct 13, 2008 07:17 AM

Looking for Polish Butcher/Restaurant in Lindenhurst, LI, NY

My ex used to get some yummy Kielbasa from a Polish Butcher in Lindenhurst. I think he said it was also a restaurant. I'd like to get some for an Ocktoberfest dinner party. Does anyone have any idea what/where this butcher is?


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  1. Not Lindenhurst, but right next door in Copiague are several Polish butchers/markets. They are on or near Great Neck Road, near the train tracks. Euro Deli, Kabanos, and Polmart. All three are winners. I believe there is also a small restaurant nearby, but I've never been. I have been to Bozena restaurant, on Montauk Highway in Lindenhurst, but I'm not sure if they sell any kielbasa, though they do catering and take-out.

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      Yes- I think you're right. Thanks!

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        how is bozena restaurant. i pass there all the time, have always been curious. what's on the menu?

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            Not bad, but full disclosure: I was born and lived a good part of my childhood in Poland, and my dad was a classically trained chef, so I am very biased.

            The pierogi are too doughy, and the salad bar is a bit sparse. But the red beet barszcz, which is not listed on the menu (just ask) is very good, if somewhat "undersour" if that's a word, to my taste. I just added a bit of lemon, and it was delicious.

            But the fried fish - oh the fish! - was wonderful. This is from an avowed fish hater! The night we were there, it was whiting, served with a creamy, tart, buttery sauce. Not low cal, but that's not why one goes to a Polish restaurant, is it?

            Can't vouch for any of the other "Polish" dishes, as I never order them in restaurants, much preferring homemade.

        1. I believe the place that used to be Barnacle Bills became a Polish restaurant, named something beginning with a B. I haven't been in Lindenhurst in a while though, but have heard it's very popular.