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Oct 13, 2008 05:19 AM

Rootbeer in the UK

Anybody know where I can get rootbeer in the UK (hopefully at less than import prices)?
I managed to pick up some carters, but it's a little soft for my taste. The old McDonalds stuff was great.

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    1. re: Peg

      Yeah, that's the Carters stuff I got. I think that's all they do

        1. re: zuriga1

          I tried one today, and it's not actually too bad. Not too sweet, fairly smooth, and the taste isn't bad. It just tastes a little artificial (which it is) and not quite "rootbeery" enough.

      1. re: foreignmuck

        That's if you buy 24+ - and the delivery is £5 minimum, meaning it's actually £1.41 per can.
        It's doable as a last resort, but it's a far cry from the 23p a can at Asda!

        1. re: foreignmuck

 is slightly cheaper at roughly £1 a can (for 24) including shipping. They frequently do offers.

          1. re: nanette

            I found this:

            But I might go for American Soda. The goose one in the link got a good review from root beer barrel.

        2. You can get A&W at the Thai Food market on Camden High St. Halfway between Mornington crescent and Camdentown

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          1. re: expatlondon

            Yep, just came here to post that. Alternatively, Oriental City Supermarket on Queensway also sells it (around 55p a can in both shops)

              1. re: Soop

                If you're close to a Wing Yip supermarket, they also sell A&W in cans. ~50-60p a can.

          2. I'm going to go off on a limb and ask if anyone might know where I could find any type of Root Beer in Ireland- spec. the Limerick area. I'm an exchange student from the US and it's one thing I've been craving for since arriving here. I did find Ginger Ale at Tesco! So it's start :)

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            1. re: bchan

              IKEA sells a root beer for 65p for a 500ml bottle in its food section. But I have yet to try the product

                1. re: Soop

                  I went to Cyber Candy today and they have a special offer on big bottles of AW Root beer - its 1.99 a bottle (sorry my pound sign isn't working on my keyboard!) Not sure if its cheap or not but thought some of you root beer fans may be interested

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