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Oct 13, 2008 01:31 AM

What to do with smoked pork chops?

The butcher had smoked pork chops. They looked good, so I bought them. Now what do I do with them? They are all together, not cut into individual chops, and I have about .8 kg. Any ideas?



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  1. They can be prepared with a cabbage green or red ,kraut etc .... and apples well as with green beans or rutabaga which would work in my opinion

    1. I love to simply brown them in a pan. I think if I'm paying for them, I want that terrific, smoky flavor all by itself. Serve with some sort of sauce, sauteed apples.

      1. With sauerkraut and rice.

        1. Good sauce: 1 part good red wine vinegar; 2 parts port (ruby probably best); two tablespoons cranberry sauce (no sugar, cooked low with no water); teaspoon chopped rosemary; tablespoon butter. Lightly brown chops, remove/keep warm; add first three ingredients above & reduce; finish w/ butter. For 2 chops. If because of season, can't find cranberries, use canned/jarred lingbonberries.